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Dear All,
I am interested in the next few years in joining the MCD as an instructor and was wondering what the training involved is like. I have been in the RMP TA for over ten years and have done a tour in Iraq (working alongside the RN & RM).
I am not interested in the ACF as I was a Sea Cadet, and want to return to my roots as it were and put something back regarding my training & experiences.

Amongst the many queries I have are:

1. Is there a basic training course and as a serving member of HM Forces, would I be exempt or is it more than just military training (which I don't mind doing again) i.e. working with children?

2. With my previous military experiences do I start on the bottom rung of instructors (I presume that would be a Sgt)?

3. What camps do MCD do?

Any help gratefully received.



first i would suggest you visit your nearest scc unit with a MCD, and speak to the CO and OCMCD.

i will have a look at the rules and regs for you mate. there have been some changes within the last few months to new staff, that effects the whole scc.

courses wise, you will need to complete a first aid course (2 weekends or a valid ticket if you have 1),IM (instructional methods) 1 weekend, drill (2 weekends) mcd skills (1 weekend, covers nato sequence,cam & concealment etc), map and compass (1 weekend). think there may be 1 more, but for the life of me, i cant think of it.

the bottom rung in the scc is as a Civilian Instructor/Trainee Instructor. CI or TI.

a CI is someone who has skills to offer, but has no wish to go into uniform.

a TI is someone who wishes to go into uniform.

CI's and TI's are usually from a civilain background or have been out of the forces for several years, and so must spend 9 months on "probation".
basically, whilst paperwork is completed,CRB checks are done, and to see how you interact with the little rugrats. during your 9 months, you cant go on any required courses.

the next rank is a P/SGT (probationary sgt). after 9 months, you can then start to go onto the courses(you have 3 years to move from PSGT to SGT, and this mainly depends on availability of the courses, and your personal work commitments.)

this is where i need to check, as you are still serving, i want to check what rank you come in at.

your previous military experience will be valued at the unit, but teaching hairy assed bootys, and teaching little johnys is a tad different, and that is where they will want to see how you go about it.

courses wise, mcd can do most of the scc courses, sailing,power,canoeing, royalist,john jerwood engineering,cook steward,signals

there is usually 1 main national mcd summer camp a year, and some area summer camps also. unit wise, there is the SRMO's field assessment (cumpulsory) and usually several unit boat camps a year.

MBE, it sounds pretty long winded, but its not that bad. i will find out where you should start on the ladder and get back to you.

the mcd need good instructors.

(ps, just to let you know, the marine cadets now have child bearing marines) (female cadets). just thought id warn you, lol.

yours aye



this should answer where you start on the ladder MBE.

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Actual text book answer is:

as long as there is not a greater than 4 year break of service you may enter the corps at an equal rate/rank to that of your service rate/rank where applicable, under the discression of your (SCC) commanding officer and District Officer.

Where it is felt nessesary, you may be steered towards Officer Selection Boards as an alternative.

And ther may be examples of where the Break in service can be longer

Example, we haven an ex Chief Stoker RN, been out 12 years and he has been allowed in as a CPO with invitation to attend OSB


taking from that, if your a sgt or above, you should be able to join at the same rank.

i will double check again, as like io said there have been some changes.

yours aye



Hello all,

I'm new here, although I have lurked for a while (its a great site BTW). Quick background info, I used to be in the SCC -
I left about 10 years ago originally joined as a cadet and when I turned 18 I stayed on and became a PO. Very brief (only a few weeks) time in the RN, I joined as a Tiff but had problems with shin splints and was medically dicharged. I was thinking about going back to cadets as with a change
of jobs I now have some more time on my hands. My old unit now has a marine cadet detachment and I was wondering if I would be able to join this as I fancy a change from the usual sea cadet stuff. I am worried about coming over as some kind of walt - I know this would only be cadets and not the real deal. Unlike some adult staff I came across in the past I can tell the difference and as far as I'm concerned, the SCC is run for kids and not for some kind of fantasist power trip.




pop down to your local unit and speak to the CO, and the OCMCD.

the cadets are always after new members of staff, and as an ex bluesuit, you will have some skills that are needed by the mcd, such as seamanship.

take a look around, see what you think. they will do the same with you, and go from there.

what is your nearest unit, just out of interest?

yours aye




Thanks for the info mate, I have gone back to my old unit (Southend), and they have got plenty of MCD staff but not enough SCC so I have gone back to that, I'm just waiting from HQ to find out if they will let me back in as either a PPO or a full PO - probably gonna be the former due to the length of time I've been out.


MCD is short for Marine Cadet Detachment.
I think most of the information has been covered, I recently completed my Sea Cadet quilifing course (PO's course), I did a ( very Very) short time in the Navy many years ago,

It's dead easy as long as you show demtermination and enthusiasum, join in in the mess and runashore and don't sit on your own at breakfast!