Marine 1st class?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gammaguy117, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. I received my recruit test booklet back yesterday and it was signed by a Marine 1st class. I've had a look around and couldn't find much so could anyone oblige and spill their pearls of wisdom?

    what in god's name is a Marine 1st class. I thought that was the Americans who had them?

    thanks all.
  2. It's someone who's higher than a Marine 2nd Class
  3. Funny. but how are they classed?

    how many years of service? or maybe certain courses that have been attended?
  4. He more than likely wanted to sign it off, Marine Top Quality! But didn't know how to spell top.
  5. I thought it was similar to the old WO2 joke. "I'm second class nothing!"
  6. Don't get it.
  7. I'd never call a Warrant Officer a warrent officer, but despite the link still don't quite get the joke.

    My bad no doubt.
  8. The way I read it is: WO2 says "I'm not a second class anything", and by the twisted laws of grammar this means he is a second class nothing.

  9. As far as I recall.
    During Training RM recruits are ranked as Marine 2nd Class, after you've passed out you're 'promoted' to Marine 1st Class B, or if a Kings Badgeman straight to Mne 1st Class A.
    After 6 months good conduct you're automatically 'promoted' to Marine 1st Class A and a Kings Badgeman can be made a Candidate for Promotion to L/Cpl.
    There is no insignia or badge to denote the difference. A Marine 1st Class A can be reverted to Marine 1st Class B as part of a punishment.
    When I was in there was about a quid a day difference in pay and only Mnes 1st Class could go forward for promotional courses.
    Your Clerk must be a right pompous twunt to put the 1st Class after his rank. :D
  10. Precisely.

    Guzzler 43rd Class
  11. You got that one then Guzzler?
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ranks below a WOII would call him/her "Sir" or "Ma'am"

    Usually a WOII would have a specific job so would be refered to by this. EG: RQMS (Crown with a laurel wreath) known as RQ, QMSI (PTI), you get the picture. Verbally they will be referred to as WOII *insert name here*, but it's safer to call them Sir/Ma'am.

    Officers would usually refer to them as RQ, QMSI or Mr *insert name here*.

    Sergeant Major is an appointment, not a rank by the way. These are also WOII's.

    A WOI is usually an RSM, althought there is only one of these in a Regiment/Battalion. If they are not the RSM, they are a WOI and follow the above criteria.

    Confused? I am.

    Happy to be corrected.
  13. Yes.

  14. Not a correction, just an extension. :eek:

    I was a WOII (SQMS) with the Aldershot Concrete Company (CVHQ.TA)'
    my son was a WOI (ASM) (regular) with REME.
    (Staff Quartermaster Sergeant and Artificer Sergeant Major, respectively.)

  15. thank-you. funny how it takes a booty to get a straight answer around here. :)

    hes actually an alright bloke though. i spoke to him the first time i walked through the door and he was fine to chat to. didn't seem up his arse at all.
  16. No worries young thruster.
    Get used to Jack thinking they know anything about Royal beyond our magnificent dress sense.
    Jelousy of our fashionista skills and overall essenceness makes their lack of self esteem over lardyarseishness and poor wardrobe management skills all too evident. :wink:
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Many thanks 2BM. Lets not forget the Artillery have a BSM and the Infantry, instead of an SQMS will have a CQMS.

    Lets not get into GSM's and the ASM just yet. :D

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