Maria Miller.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Apr 6, 2014.

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  1. Will there never be an end to this thievery!

    Maria Miller Culture Secretary

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  2. If I went astray with my company credit card, I would guarantee I'd be handing it back shortly before they hand me a P45.

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  3. The Government has a go at Amazon and other on line companies for manipulating the tax system to avoid paying the full amount of tax due on their earnings, but it seems its ok for pollys to manipulate the expenses system when it comes to making claims
  4. The problem being, if she gets the sack, they all know that a lot more would have to go the same way, no matter what colour banner they march under, so as long as members of the house have the final say, most will get away with it.

    By far the simplest long term solution would be to force MPs to have a home in their constituency, and proved a basic flat for use in London (at a nominal charge). If they choose to have a 2nd home rather than take advantage of accom provided, then they do not get a penny, if they choose to represent a constituency in which they do not live, then that is their choice, and bugger them getting a penny to move there, travel between London and constituency would be paid by the cheapest recognised method or if CTM claimed by the shortest recognised route, bin the food allowances etc, Sky, water rates and all the rest of the perks, and then see how they scream!
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  5. Fully agree mikh. If we did bin the whole load of them there would be total mayhem and disruption everywhere and we may even have to look at a completely different way of doing things and start all over again.

    Oh, hang on... ;)
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  6. The problem being she has committed fraud and as we all know that's a criminal offence. She should be charged and sent before the courts.

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  7. Yes but finks, she's a polly. One of the ruling elite. Obviously she's exempt from all that.
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  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Guzzler wrote
    Plenty of 'pollies' have recently found out that jail applies to them. I'm hoping that this case doesn't have a line drawn under it. Judges are the daddies, not politicians.
  9. True enough Seadog, appreciate that some have to face minor penalties for the crimes they commit against the people they are meant to serve, but I still feel that the 'club' of rulers and rich boys and girls stick together in mockery of the way that the working person is held in such contempt.
  10. I agree with Norman Tebbit (again). If your fingers are in the till, bye bye fingers. No bloody sympathy.
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  11. If I believed the legal profession could not be swayed by politicians I would need to be taken away by the men in flapping white coats, of course that's only my opinion.

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  12. Think you misread me guzzler, did not even suggest binning the them, merely taking away the source of many of the temptations of mis-claiming expenses. But to put it in a nutshell

    1. No 2nd homes, they get offered a government maintained flat in London
    2. They have to live in the constituency they represent - no expenses to move there, its their choice to go for there home or move to somewhere where they will get elected
    3. All home expenses are met by themselves
    4. No food allowances, they already have highly subsidised eateries at their place of work
  13. wal

    wal Badgeman

    She and the other thieving bassas need a pull through with an over sized pineapple.

  14. Ooh. I don't think he could do that, Mrs Mainwaring...................
  15. Six months solitary should do her with nothing to read but Jeffrey Archer novels.
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  16. A cruel and unusual punishment.

    A definite infringement of human rights :iconbiggrin:
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  17. The woman is obviously intelligent or she wouldn't have got to be an MP. Therefore she is bright enough to know right from wrong. This being so she is obviously guilty of fraud, the fact that she's a polly is no excuse, the laws of the land were passed by her predecessors so she must abide by them or pay for her sins. Confiscate all her assets, jail for at least 20 years, banned from public office for life, and a damned good thrashing for good measure. Are you listening M'lud?
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  18. You missed "deportation to the Colonies" - or is that now considered a reward rather than a punishment?
  19. No, I was (overtly I hoped) playing with your words to twist them into a pretend scenario that I pretend to like the idea of.

    It was a sort of joke.

    I understand Stewart Lee has the same problem.
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  20. Will her "punishment" set a legal precedent for anyone in the future who is found guilty of defrauding the British taxpayer?

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