Marcus Brigstocke, Comic Genius!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by paddlequack, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Must be my age as i just dont find him remotely funny at all.
  2. part-2 for anyone interested. It's good stuff!
  3. agree with andym, not funny
  4. Just wasted 9 minutes ,
  5. jeeeez no one has a sense of humour.
    Then again i'm 19.. is there much of an age gap?
  6. Several generations.
  7. Not just an age gap I fear. What was it about it you found funny exactly?

  8. Generations apart, but his rendering on the "Now Show" (Radio 4), about the Abrahamic religions a couple of weeks ago was a classic.
    I find him extremely funny most of the time, and worth listening to when he appears on serious programmes such as "Any Questions" or "Question Time", but I agree with other senior posters about the clip on this thread.
    Perhaps, like others before him, he is funnier to listen to on the radio than he is to watch.

  9. I found it quite amusing. That lot are probably just stinging over the Daily Whinge quip ;)
  10. That were ace, pissed meself whey aye like.

    Seen him on normal telly, as in not that stand up stuff, and was not suitably impressed. That stuff tickled me though. Albeit I am fresh back from a few sneaky ones.
  11. I found him funny and I can give you 40 year start
    There are a lot of modern comics who can cut it,even with old bastards like me,
    Example Frankie Boyle,seen him live on many occasions before he made it to the TV and still as contraversial
  12. There is hope in this world :D

    so really it's just opinion over age :)
    Dryness is my favurite sort of comedy i guess thats how it comes in :)
  13. MOD EDIT: Pointless drivel, deleted
  14. for goodness sake GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!hat is your bloody problem??
    Leave the "Lorraine thing" alone - good grief!![​IMG]

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