Marchers Protest at Sub Dismantling


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Topstop said:
WreckerL said:
Topstop said:
Dam sight safer to cut em up in a controlled way than let em rot in the Tamar :?

Their filling up 3 basin (and a bit of 5 basin), not on the Tamar itself

The Caissons leak or did last time I saw them.

Very true but any bits that fall off will be on the bottom of the basin and nothing will be a radiation source plus all the cutting will be in drydock (which also leak a bit)


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Dicky said:
There's always some bearded, cross-eyed, lank-haired, dope-smoking, smelly-knickered prat complaining about Nukes - and that's just the women I'm talking about...pathetic....

You just can't beat reasoned and rational debate can you?

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