Marchers Protest at Sub Dismantling

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Oct 31, 2009.

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  1. Tony Staunton, from the CND, said: "It is a new process, never been done before, and no-one can make assurances of complete safety".

    Cobblers :!:

    Strait forward NIMBYism.
  2. Drove past the protest this afternoon. There seemed to be more plod than protestors. For some reason the poor loves had to have a St Johns ambulance in constant attendance, crawling along the road at the same speed as the marchers.
  3. Just as 'Blowjob' says - utter bollocks. Plymouth Argyle was away today and mummy chucked them out of the house. so they had to do something
  4. Total crap - saw a documantary on SKY where Ivan cut up an old bomber. Pity it didn't rain on these deluded fruitbats.
  5. Not comparable. Russia has a long and dishonourable history of being slapdash with nuclear safety and procedures.

    While the western world has certainly had its cock-ups, disregard for health and safety isn’t institutionalised – unlike the general public’s animosity to anything that has the word ‘nuclear’ anywhere in the title.
  6. Hhhmmm?

    You Pointy Heads didn't complain when they shifted all the sub work to Guzz in the early nineties. I find it hard to mount the outrage bus, but there you go.

    Anyway, even if you Janners got a touch of radiation poisoning, nobody would be able to tell.
  7. Let 'em protest more often, the mighty Argyle scored a rare win!!

    And it could be worse. They could be setting up a peace camp and get their bus fares paid for by the state like they do at Gareloch....
  8. They don't like it when they are built, they don't like it when they are running, they don't like it when they are retired, and now they don't like it when they are scrapped.........what are they trying to say that is different?

    We will soon be a 3rd world country with Nukes, the way things are going
  9. There's always some bearded, cross-eyed, lank-haired, dope-smoking, smelly-knickered prat complaining about Nukes - and that's just the women I'm talking about...pathetic....
  10. Dam sight safer to cut em up in a controlled way than let em rot in the Tamar :?
  11. "It is a new process, never been done before, and no-one can make assurances of complete safety".

    Except in Russia, America…

    CND = Mongs
  12. Their filling up 3 basin (and a bit of 5 basin), not on the Tamar itself
  13. The Caissons leak or did last time I saw them.
  14. Very true but any bits that fall off will be on the bottom of the basin and nothing will be a radiation source plus all the cutting will be in drydock (which also leak a bit)
  15. You just can't beat reasoned and rational debate can you?
  16. Someone needs to actually educate these CND fools so they have some facts about radiation rather than NIMBYism ignorance based fear!!

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