March through Wooton Basset

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by onions, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. What reaction do you think there will be to the planned march through Wooton Basset by the Islam4UK group?

    I don't think the Police will allow it, but would this infringed their "human rights"?

  2. I've just joined this myself. I can hardly believe it!!!
  3. The enforcement of laws are a balance against other laws - for instance the age old common law freedom of speech vs libel/slander/racial inciment, right of self defence vs unlawful violence to another, right to march vs public order.

    We should allow these people to march. We should let them express their views after all we live in the nearest thing to a democracy that we are going to have. We should not incite violence by confronting them. We should not give them the oxygen of publicity by causing trouble.

    Some years ago the Japanese Head of State came to London on a state visit, with all the trappings that involved, including a drive down the Mall. The FEPOW lined the streets with their back to this Head of State. A very very powerful message.
  4. Since when did we allow the police to dictate to us when and where any of us should march? Go down the road of the police controlling such things and the country will be in a very sticky patch indeed.
    If the country really wants to show solidarity then they should be mindful of what the Spanish did when they didn't like what a government had done. It is estimated that 40percent of the population took to the streets in peaceful demonstration, something which no government on earth could ignore.
    Do that and the day will be won, overnight.
  5. No chucking shoes at em then?
  6. There's alot of discussion about this subject on ARRSE and despite one or two reactionaries the general concensus appears to be that this group exist to stir up trouble with the aim of provoking anti-islamic sentiments amongst non-muslims in the hope that moderate muslims should feel victimised and alienated and thus more easily swayed to 'Islam4uk's provocative vitriol.
    In other words, Anjem Choudrey and his cohorts WANT a counter-protest, they WANT non-muslim and muslims fighting on the street in front of cameras so that they can portray themselves as a persecuted group that should warrant sympathy. The best course of action, as unpalatable as it might seem, is to ignore them. Let them have their march (although not on the same day as a repatriation due to issues of decency, that goes for any group not just this one) and don't take their bait.
    Will this happen? I doubt it, too many people like a fight but I feel ignoring this petty band of fear-mongers is preferable to seeing Woolton Basset in the news for violance, anger and hate. labels with which this wonderful town do not deserve to be associated.
  7. Of course the police can dictate where and when there are marches. It is their duty to enforce public order in much the same why as it was your duty when you were in the mob to enforce good order and Naval discipline in your vicinity. For that reason we have the PUBLIC ORDER ACT 1986 as amended.

    Whether it is morally right in this instance that they do it, is open to debate. But you know as well as I do that this march, if allowed to go ahead will attract complete nutters on both sides. There will be bloodshed in the streets and the good name of Wootten Bassett will be forever besmirched.
  8. As has been stated its all part of the democratic process having to tolerate cnuts like these so that we and our beliefs are also protected. Sad thing is you'll have either the EDL or BNP muppets turn up and the only poor buggers getting a kicking will be the police in the middle.

  9. I wonder where we would be today if the Tolpuddle Martyrs (not a million miles from Wooten Bassett)had swayed in their cause, in the face of draconion laws, and let those laws dissuade them.
    If we continually ban things because there 'might' be trouble, then surely it is like painting over rust, the trouble will be festering away underneath, and sooner or later erupt, it always does.
  10. Let them march. They are picking the wrong town the public in the town won't give them the satisfaction the group seek. The town is better than that.
  11. Sussex, what are you saying? That these people should march? That there should be ss1-5 POA 1986 offences permitted if not actually encouraged in WB? I do not get your point if I am honest. Although I am in the middle of an assignment on offer and acceptance.
  12. As much as my first reaction would be to beat the living day lights out of them, im going to take a time out and think about this one. Evey knows they are doing it for publicity, and if we go down there and start mouthing off we are going to be in the wrong, and i would like to think we live in a country of freedom of speech, so let them do it and if it goes ahead, i really cant see anyone showing their support. The only people i can see that is going to put us in a bad light is those prats from the BNP and EDL.
    But how about this for a idea why cant we do a march support the troops lets say in a strong muslim area?
    Off course this would be peaceful.
  13. Where do we stop free expression? I have a sneaking feeling (there is a case going on in Brighton at the moment) that demonstrations are increasingly being banned when it would show the politicians in a bad light. If that is the case then it will ultimately be more dangerous than any trouble in between.
    I feel certain that the townsfolk of Wootten Bassett are perfectly capable of giving the proposed demonstration the cold shoulder, all by themselves; after all do not military funerals go ahead in the U.S. despite the wailing of right wing christian fundamentalists?
  14. Just been looking at the facebook link, it seems that most of the people that wants to go bashing skulls are the people that never served, or seen any combat where as quite a few soliders are using common sense about this. For me i have seen enough combat why on earth would i want to take it home ?
    As i said i wont be surprised if its BNP or EDL shit stirring.
  15. Just imagine what would happen to you if you protested in their rock-strewn ville

    We have created a monster world where 'PC' says we have to tolerate this sort of crap

    Happy Feckin New Year
  16. Let them march, let it be that a load of nutters chant the same corrupted verses of the Koran, as they have before, and let them march to a deserted street, with nothing more than a single paragraph piece about it in every paper: "Ignored nutters chant evil to empty streets."
  17. Why Wooton Basset ?, because these cretins KNOW that BNP et al will turn up in opposition and there will be mass confrontation, just what Islam4UK want in the town where our fallen from the Stan are paraded.

    This march through WB should be opposed, let them march anywhere else but here.

  18. A very reasoned post and one that I fully agree with.
  19. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is not this march calculated to cause harrasssment, alarm or distress and there illegal?

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