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Dear ALL,

I, LCpl Ram Patten RM, am a Royal Marines Commando currently serving with the United Kingdom Landing Forces Command Support Group in Plymouth. I joined the Royal Marines in 1999, and have been deployed on exercises and operations throughout the world with my most recent deployment being Operation Herrick 7 in Afghanistan.

I have decided to speed march a sponsored mile to mark each loss the British Armed Forces have sustained since the beginning of Operation Herrick in Afghanistan and Operation Telic in Iraq.

I want to emphasise that we value each serviceman and woman who serves in HM Forces. The Royal Marines participants will complete a distance representing the UK losses in Afghanistan, and the other three services will cover the distance representing the UK losses during the Iraq war. The four pairs will converge on Wootton Bassett in order to pay our respects to the town and all the attending associations for their unfaltering dedication during repatriation ceremonies. We will then proceed as a column of eight to The Royal Albert Hall in central London. There are discussion to have two veterans from each service accompanying the column of eight, thus making it a column of 16 plus one Royal Marines PTI leading the group to London.

This event is designed to coincide with the RBL Festival of Remembrance memorial service on Saturday 13 November 2010. Start times for each team will be worked back from the 13th November 2010 and calculated at a daily marching distance of 30 miles. As it stands, it should take nine days in total. Due to the current operational climate in Afghanistan the mileage may increase, but I have accounted for that and every dedicated mile "in memoriam" will be covered without fail.

I would like to request for your support by joining the March 4 Honour event page on Facebook. There is plenty of text, photographs, a video, discussion groups, etc. You can also support my Tri-Service charity event by inviting ALL your friends in your network. I am in the process in making this as international as possible. So far I have managed to get the word out to the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Iraq, Afghanistan, most of Europe, Zimbabwe and South Africa to name but a few. With your help, we can get ALL of the UK behind this event. Our event.

The Royal British Legion plan to make my event(s) as part of their Poppy Appeal for 2010. I plan to convince them that this idea is far too good an opportunity to miss and will make a bid to make this THE Poppy Appeal for 2010. So far their response has been very positive and they have stated that they really look forward to making this the first ever real civilian and military collaboration.

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In the meantime, e-mail me on [email protected] with any questions concerning the M4H event.

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Thank you for your time and I hope to see you on Facebook soon.

All the best, Ram.