Marc (Munch) Bailey

Discussion in 'RMR' started by stinkfire9816, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Munch was the ML1 in RMR Scotland, late 90's. He was tragically killed in a motorcycle crash yesterday in the outskirts of Dundee. For those who knew him he was a great bloke, a great soldier and a great ML. He had loads of time for reservists and took time to impart knowledge. He will be missed.

    Munch, you can stand down now mate. The karabiners are stowed!

  2. A great great loss to the Corps.

    R.I.P Munch!!
  3. Only just read this and gutted to read it, Munch was a top bloke. As you rightly point out stinkfire9816 he was always willing to impart his knowledge and was definitely in the 'one Corps' camp of PSIs. It's got to be said though that his taste in sunglasses was shockingly poor!

    I learnt one of my best lessons in life from Munch this being, "you can't teach attitude, you can only have it, hope people value it and want to share it", not something he ever declared but then again he didn't need to... top man.

    Thanks Munch neither you nor what you taught me will be forgotten, God bless - RIP

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