Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by howfen_lad, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. Well i have been steadily building up my jogs for a few week now, im currently running 7 mile, i have entered into a 10km race in 4 week time and this will be my first race since i held my hand up at school to compete in the bolton school championships, i ran 400 meters came last but enjoyed every bit of that day off school.

    Now when i was at work last week a man said the following. "10k mate?? Thats easy, you aint no runner until you have ran a marathon" this man being a worldwide Marathon runner btw.

    So when i saw an advertisement for the Greater Manchester marathon which is next April i smiled and thought, Yes i can. My aplication has been accepted and i now have the following;

    1.A goal.
    2.A time passer for the waiting game.
    3.Self pride at stake.

    So can this so called chubby, lazy, good for nothing piece of crap do the marathon??

    100 percent is what i will give in the training, watch ths space good poeple of RR. just watch this space. :-D
  2. Yes you can do it.

    I did the London Marathon last year. I was an overweight 32 year old. I trained for 27 weeks 6 days a week every weather no matter what.

    I'm on my phone but there is a thread on here I did which follows me from barely able to run with out dying to crossing the finish line.

    Have a read it's in the health and fitness forum. You may get some training tips and relate to some of the emotions etc I went through when training for it.

    I'm now currently training for my next one. I'm also looking at doing my first ultra marathon once I know the ships programme for sure next year.
  3. Thats great i shall have a look at that tonight, An ultra!! Jesus good luck with that one mate.
  4. Good luck to you training for a marathon properly takes a lot of determination, motivation and dedication. The more support you have the better, roping someone in to train with you helps.

    It can be a lonely mans game endurance running
  5. Go for it man! You get the best feeling ever after crossing the line with 26 miles behind you.
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  6. I have managed to get a running partner who wants to do the same so at least im not dragging him out, he has the same goal so ive got that one ticked off, thanks for that.
  7. And only 385 yards to go.....
  8. ===============================================================



    Every day for me - but I've eased off now as they not nearly so nice under their 'Snickers' label. :wink:
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  9. Training for a marathon or any road races. Listen to your body forget your watch when you think you are running to slow. Road racing, long distance walking/yomping is all the same forget the people passing you, think of your pace know your pace and stick at your pace you will pass the idiots later on F.U.B.A.R.. Change your running surfaces to avoid injuries. And in winter remember how cold you where when you started your training run. Running and drinking is a art in itself. In long distance drink often. When fitter Fartlek best way to increase your fitness. Stay out of the pub and pie shop
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  10. He is from Bolton BP1UK, too close to Wigan. . :hungry: .:brushteeth:
  11. Yep Stirling, us Wiganers like our pies! and Bolton ain't far behind, worse probably :p

    Howfen_lad, is your 10k in Southport? I remember seeing something advertised at the gym for one which sounds very similar, will have another look at the leaflet later.

    Either way Good luck :)
  12. Listen to the advice from BPuk he gave me some sound advice during my training. To which I've passed the same advice on to others since.

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  13. thanks for the advice i shall take it on board and follow...cheers.

    Muahahaha, yes we love our pies too, little meat pies being my choice...mmmmmm.

    Cheers, and no my 10 k is in Bolton, not sure of the route but there is always a 10k going on in the centre of the town.

    yeah i will mate thanks.
  14. Well i have an early setback to the dream, i have broke my foot doing a John Travolta dance session in London Saturday night, owell was a great weekend, 6 week off running but these things are set to try us...

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