Map R4i for Nintendo Dsi + Memory Micro SDHC 16GB

R4i map for the Nintendo DS / DS Lite is the latest flash memory technology for the Nintendo DSI. The adapter is R4i / cartridge you use with microSDHC cards (up to 32 GB) and you insert it into your Nintendo DSI and lets you store a lot of data, as well as enjoy all the following functions:

1. Watch your movies
2. Play your music
3. Browse photos
4. Read books and more ...


1. Same size as the original cartridge game ISD
2. Built-in PassMe (no need to boot cart / etc Passcard)
3. Use a microSD memory card (Trans Flash) as storage of data
4. Boot clean dump images (downloadable from Internet)
5. Very easy to use: drag and drop files onto the microSD card and play
6. Support for the standard FAT
7. Supports different speeds of micro SD card or micro SDHC
8. Supports HC memory cards
9. Updated firmware possible (OS / Bios / Kernel)
10. Touch screen control and support skin
11. Battery or battery is not needed, save the backup file directly on the microSD card
12. Auto-detect the type of backup and backup file generated automatically.
13. Supports homebrew, the library I / O available at the release of this product
14. Supports the WiFi, DS rumble pack and DS browser.
15. View live video, mp3 listening and reading txt file via Moonshell
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