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Manpower Adjustments in Support To The Naval Service


War Hero
I know there was a thread on here with regards to the future of the Royal Navy, for some reason that thread has been merged with another and now seems to have been taken over by a DPA/DLO how many mistakes have we made in the past argument. As interesting as that may be I thought it may be necessary to get back to the possible manpower reductions.

Has anybody read Galaxy Briefing Note 36/06 issued 11th December 2006? It states: To be briefed to all personnel at the next available opportunity by the most appropriate method, as I haven't seen it until today I thought this might be an appropriate method, its title is in the title of the thread.

For those who haven't seen it here's a glimpse with regard to Naval Service Manpower, it does go on to discuss civilian manpower:

In terms of overall numbers, analysis to date indicates that, over the 4 year short term programme (STP) period, a drawdown in personnel across the service can be achieved without recourse to a general redundancy programme. This will be managed through natural wastage and by a combination of reductions in long term extensions of service, Full Time Reserve Service, commission transfers for those late in zone, and second open engagement/ extended career awards, all complemented by reducing PVR notice and granting return of service waivers where feasible.

It goes on to discuss reducing promotion for Lt Cdr up and WO1 but states no numbers, in summary the briefing note is worrying but promises to reveal numbers in the New Year and assures us all that its being considered at the highest level at HQ level.

So has anyone got any more info/ thoughts?


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The two threads had been moving in the same direction so I merged them. The hybrid has moved away from Admiral West's remarks but is still very relevent to 'Future Navy' and recently with every 'faction' eloquently represented, it's a good read.

We'll try to keep this one to manpower Chief.

In fact it looks like it's already being discussed in the Fleet forum.

RN Manpower - downsizing.


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Sorry Seadog, I couldn't find that thread ( I knew there was one on the subject somewhere), it looks like this one should be merged with that one!
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