Manning the Victory

If they ever manned the Victory as a sea goer, who does what? we want a crew from RR.
Joe Crow as the skipper, he seems to know a bit of techno crap so I nominate him.
Monty would be the pusser, and wits would be the Bosuns Mate, he could go around hitting every fucker with a ropes end.
I'd probably be the bastard who was over the side on a stage scrubbing the shit away from the heads. Either that or up the friggin riggin watch on stop on.
Any ideas for the rest of the crew?
Well, obviously you'd want a highly qualified Sonar Maintainer.

So, who could we possibly get?

Oh wait, VICTORY didn't have sonar, in fact, there were no (viable) submarines around anyway to detect!!
I'll be the Bosun's Mate. Was always bl00dy Bosuns mate when I was a dabber so might as well volunteer for that role.

'Hoist main engines'
I'll volunteer for Ship's Flight. There shouldn't be too much to do (ahhh, the life of a Wafu), so I'll bring my own clicky bed and set it up, along with a fishing rig, on that flat bit at the back of the boat.

Can someone pipe Wannabe and have him bring me some soup please.

"Let go the mizzen, top gallant something or others"....(See, my seamanship training was not a waste of time) :-D
Meanwhile still over the side trying to ebb a never-ending stream of shit, Rumrat scrubs, and scrubs and scrubs.
Yup, ship's scrubber thats me, and you can kiss my black aaaaaa..............gerrof ......

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