Manic Street Preachers - 1 Badge PO !!

Just watching Manic Street Preachers at Glastonbury and Nicky Wire has a Number 1 jacket on.....Petty Officers - only a 1 badgeman though !!! The RN lives on at Glastonbury !!! :flower:
Back in the seventies one of the Spinners, (Dirty old town, Flowers of Manchester, etc.), had a "ROMFT" sticker on his accoustic guitar. Not uniform but the buzz was that he got it after a session in Colling-grad. Probably a wind up though I always was gullible.
In max and paddys road to no where they end up fighting in a bar with a load of "PO's" wearing square rig :) we were very bored that watch lol
Welshbird said:
John Taylor from Duran Duran going for the "3 Badge PO" look....
maybe we should rename this thread celebrity walts...

Not quite kosher is it - the last time I saw a single breasted jacket was a on an old time tiff in the 60s.
Nice shiny badges though !!
That's why there are none obtainable in slops....the bloody rock stars have 'em all.
On divisions............Oi! Hookey....where's your other badge.
Killick two badgeman......Some bleedin' rock star has it sir.....honest!
Now would you believe him?


War Hero
He's got some medal ribbons on that aren't easy to spot.....and the words RUSH underneath them....whatever that means !
RUSH = Lifeson, Peart & Lee.

Young Wire has excellent role models. He says so himself in various interviews you can 'Google' yourself. But I hate Walts! Hope he's not dissin' the uniform........
I think I'll just check out ebay for cheap no 1 jackets. I've got a feeling they might start to fetch a few pounds if this catches on as a fashion item.

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