Mandy green slimed

Well someone had to post it so it might as well be me. I was horrified to see that yuppie woman throw green slime over the good Lord. How the hell was she able to do it and why did none of those wimpy paper shufflers feel her collar after the shameful event? She brazenly minced off down the street without a care in the world as I watched in utter amazement. Maybe Mandy should have done a Prescott and decked her, now that would have been a sight worth seeing. Regardless of the fact that many may find it hilarious it could easily have been someone out to do him serious harm and not some middle class female with too much time on her hands.
It's not bad but lacks feeling and surely tother one it is in the wrong section, after all this is a current affairs news item? No doubt one of the trusty forum sentinels will merge them somewhere or other.
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