Mandatory Interrogation Survival course for RN?

Should the RN run an Interrogation Course before deployments?

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As a result of all this Iran stuff, should the RN create such a course to be attended in pre-ops training? Or maybe it should be offered in Basic Training?

Note i say Interrogation Survival - not survival in a sleeping in holes and running away sense.


It would be a nice task for the swoop and troop brigade, leading Jack around the ship with a tatty sack on his head, let's face it they have plenty spare time on their hands.


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silverfox said:
There is such training on Optag..
that's true SF. there is, but is it given to those members of ships companies who are memebers of boarding parties? I'm happy to stand corrected, but I don't think it is. I agree that it should be introduced as part of the board and search course, and then for those who will be required to assist in boardings such as boat's crew etc.
just a thought.


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Undoubtedly some form of Conduct after Capture training should be given to anyone who runs the likelyhood of capture. This is not the simple lecture/ days training given to most servicemen though, in order to make any training usefull it needs to be realistic; a weeks course minimum, two weeks even better. Aircrew who have attended the course will know why this length of time is necessary, invest in training!! The problem is under todays business model for managing the whole of the Armed Forces training is the first thing to suffer, it is not seen as an investment but as a burden both financially and managerially, the sooner we change that ethos the better.
Don't think the normal Matelot's duties take him into that much close contact with the 'enemy' .

Also the RN are usually left out of the ground war duties. They aren't normally connected to aggressive activities either.

The old 'we'd rather fcuk than fight' sometimes stands us in good stead.

However now everyone wears 'combats ' the RN are becoming less recognisable and possibly more vulnerable ????
Squirrel makes a good point. Where's the gash time coming from, though? Gapped billets, Purple dets and core Naval training doesn't leave much slack. At least the bloody firemen aren't playing silly buggers, for now.


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As stated Only where required! Boarding parties and boats crews need to be given something (luckily this little jaunt that just happened had half Jack half Royal so when it came to it the booties would help out the matelots but what would happen if it was ONLY a matelot crew captured? No training could and quickly would lead to a big problem for them (more than it was) -

Note, no mention of females it would appear that females do not exist in todays "Modern Navy" No matter what shape they are or how they physically function they are males, just some like a length of 'willy' some don't (and apparantly you don't even have to be female to like that - it ain't a navy it's a debauchery - damn joined 40 years too early!)