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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 4to8, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Talking of prossie problems as we were ,here is an interesting bit from the Telegraph which may be of great benefit to the younger chaps.

  2. This, that, the other will cause it by so much % and this, that, the other will prevent it.... where do we end?
    I really think they have not a clue really!
  3. ?? thick as fcuk aren't you. read the item again or get an adult to explain it to you.
  4. Didn't realise you were a medical person. Fish is known to help in many situations but, if you prefer, keep on eating the burgers. Don't know "where we end" but if you don't eat a balanced diet you end up in a hole in the ground a lot earlier than you think.

    Fish is supposed to be a good "brain" food, suggest you start eating some ASAP Matt
  5. Not to menton all the "undocumented additives" that MongDonalds and the like, mix in with the reclaimed meat! Yes it may be 100% beef but exactly which part of the cow did it come from??

    Omega 3 rich fish has been well documented for a long time ... Can any one remember the old "Scotts Emulsion" (Cod Liver Oil not dulux!) which I seem to remember my parents tipping down my throat when I was a kid.
  6. Now let me see. Who do I trust.

    The Clinic of Cancer Research or Mattbea an unknown poster with little known medical expertise!!!

    Difficult - but I'll go with the big boys at the clinic. :roll:
  7. Mattbea's signature has a touch of irony about it. I doubt that he'll die either useful or of old age :lol:
  8. And moving on to the bladder, we have this news item

    Frankincense oil

    Indeed Daktari My parents dosed us too !!! Porridge and a spoonful of oil for brekkie, Brooklax every Saturday morning 8O
  9. I think the real key is to be more aware of the prostate and it's problems, it is not always the big C either so having a bit of bother there is not the end of life as we know it. My little problems are kept under control with a couple of pills a day and they may even reduce that.
  10. I seem to remember Bob Monkhouse raising awareness of C.A Prostate a few years back with the campaign deliberately launched after his death. My personal take on this is that if you are in any doubt whatsoever then just get it checked out by your G.P as a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) is just another one of those challenges we have to face in life.
  11. 4to8, if you have some Wensleydale cheese in I, my friend Wallace and his pet dog Gromit will call round this evening to help you downsize your Jacobs Cream Cracker mountain! :razz:


    PS: If you eat lots of cheese (any cheese will do) and crackers you are very unlikely to develop prostate cancer in your 50s, as the heart disease will kill you off first! :twisted: :lol:
  12. Thanks for that pearl of wisdom

  13. Unfortunately fish oil can't help stop you from cutting your own wrists, life's a bitch.
  14. No use Quick-clot instead. Awesome stuff but dont get it in your eyes!! :D
  15. Considering some of the other things I had done that bit was not too bad, just lie back and think of England.
  16. Yes i did that recently and the nurses had obligued by putting pictures of British countryside scenes on the ceiling for the said reason
  17. Or Virol, which was a kind of cod liver oil and malt mixture and looked like the grease from a Scammels back axle.....
    We still got boils all over the place, some exceedingly uncomfortable...ah yes! the good old days :wink:
  18. Prostatitis and chronic of the same is very common among men, and not just the older variety...
    What you have to do is go to your doctor; fair chance here it is not life threatening at all...Alfuzosin is generally prescribed and does wonders..
    DONT suffer in silence gentlemen.
    A blood test and quick finger is all that is required...if you are too squeamish for that then, more fool you.
  19. Hmm must have missed that one! Kids these days don't know they are born! Cod Liver Oil in little gelatine capsules rather than having your nose held while your Mum poured something down your throat on the pretext that it would do you good!

    Think my original point is that the "scientists" have come up with the fact that Omega 3 oil is good for you .... yet back in the 50's we were being dosed up on the stuff then! Why do they have to re-invent the wheel? We'll be getting NHS Orange Juice back soon!
  20. My mind has blanked out all of those cod liver oil memories, although I know they happened and I'm scarred for life! I recently burst one of the capsules in my mouth for a dare; Jesus Christ!

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