Man Electrocuted. (Warning it's graphic).

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NotmeChief, May 30, 2009.

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  1. Positvely Shocking!

    Where was his rubber mat, overshoes, gloves and safety number!
  2. Earthing Strap-Hanger!
  3. Treated a guy first hand a few years back. 40,000 volts went through him on a pulsed charge. believe it or not he's still alive but the burns weren't very pleasant
  4. I was a sparky before I joined up and some lad got a 3.3kv belt through his hand, luckily his elbow was decked out to the metal casing and he only lost his forearm.

    At the shift changeover everyone was coming in saying that the roast pork in the canteen smell really good. They were well dissapointed when they found out it wasnt on the menu. It was the poor lads arm.
  5. Then there was the spark who got sparked in his left arm went in one end out the other destroyed all the tissue in the arm. Gangrene set in it looked as though he had been bit by a shark.

    Not forgetting the spark and his mate to hurry the job along made there own Castell keys. At the inquest his widow was sued by the electric board for lost production.
  6. I made I laugh how the idiot reached up to hold onto the cable. Definately one for a Darwin Award.
  7. Knew a vocalist who grabbed a live mike,I wasn't on stage but heard about it,seems he couldn't let go of the mike and his contortions on stage were put down to part of the act by the crowd in the seats.He was applauded!
    Lost four fingers and was a pretty good singer.
  8. We lost the sonar maintainer in this way. He'd bypassed the safety interlocks and was working live during roughers in the Middle . He fell across the drawer and ZAP! His section WEM found him.
    Our Skipper at he time was after his fourth ring, so he invited himself into a French AS exercise in the Channel. Nothing to do with us, but he thought it might make him look good.
    After the incident we dashed back to Guzz, offloaded the body and rejoined the exercise.
    I don't know if he ever got his fourth, but I sincerely hope not.
  9. This guy i was on about touched the overhead electrical wires with a scaffold pole but luckily the shock didn't send him off the 2 storey scaffold he was standing on. I believe the charge was a pulsed 40,000 whatever that means so he didnt receive the full whack. I agree that the smell wasn't pleasant but we have to live with that as he does with his injuries!!
  10. Lmao, how he reached up and grabbed it.
  11. Bloody hell.
  12. Yeah i wet myself laughing :roll: :roll:
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    That looked like a suicide,,,,there's fcuk all funny about it!!!!!
  14. Gotta be a suicide...or a very severe knock to the head...
    Either way, not the way I'd choose to go!
  15. Agreed mate!!
  16. Smoking is hazardous to your health?
  17. I wonder if he got charged ????
  18. He was probably charged with illegally abstracting electricity for paranecrophilia!
  19. Not quite the "belt" he was after when he went down the shops. does look deliberate though.

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