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"Man dead in suspected terror attack"



When was the last time that a person of indigenous stock hacked the head off a member of the armed forces whilst shouting out to his\her (we are PC of course) god?

Your point is asinine, murders are carried out daily by all types for all sorts of apparent 'reasons' or excuses. Plus; 'Indigenous' is a myth, I challenge you to define it.


MLP - that was SJRM_RN's term not mine. Ask him.

SJRM_RN - I think we have - last week, in Woolwich.

So what's the point you're trying to make then? This form of murder is worse than any other?


War Hero
Just out of interest Flymo, where do you get the Zionist funding bit from?

Substitute Jews and Jewish from this quote Wrecks and replace it with English.

Zionists believe that the Jews are a people and deserve a country of their own. Zionists believe in Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. Zionism is not against anyone and it is not racist. Zionism implements the right of self determination of the Jewish people.


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MLP, on a re-run I now see what looks like a copper with an MP5 in the filmed account of the shooting.:thumright:

As well as some good stuff, this thread seems to be attracting some asinine*, guessworking, 'big I am' agenda driven, substandard, un-informed, ill-informed, left my brain at work, bollocks.

OMM, don't post blind links.

Stan, your assumptions would do Taloolah proud.

Flymo; Zionists? Where is this going?

Stirling, you're not helping.

* Asinine; not a word you hear every day and it crops up twice in this thread.
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Unless things have changed drastically since my day the armed officers would generally have access to the Glock and the MP5 in addition to Tazer and Gas. Not forgetting the good old extending baton.


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Stirl, I know what Zionism is, I'm just intrigued as to Flymo's statement that zionists are funding the EDL and where he got this information from.


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Shouldn't this maybe be a new thread now, everyone paid their respects and commentated as it unfolded but is it not neccessary. Perhaps a new thread 'a mass debate on conspiracy theories dug out from the arse of the internet'. Not that they're not credible information but its more than likely not is it :p


War Hero
Can't open link but would imagine that is from another far right group attempting to discredit the EDL, they're always at it. The EDL often claim, falsely, not to be racist and this upsets the likes of the BNP et al. The EDL also suck up to Israel, purely to antagonise Muslims, another thing which doesn't go down a treat with Griffin and his gang.

All extremists bicker amongst themselves, why only the other day I had a right old ding-dong with a Lib-Dem supporter.


War Hero
The illuminati is still my favourite conspiracy theory (nought to do with extremist party affiliation, support or funding but still- there are links between them and zionists apparently). And they appoint the american president of course. Nuffink the EDL do would come as a particular surprise to be honest!
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For those who bemoan the perception that they cannot exercise their right to free speech in their own country by being actively censored by the PC Brigade whenever they air their opinions, while raging swivel-eyed loons thunder out their messages of hate and destruction with impunity just cos they is a mozzy, I thought this radio programme might be useful for stimulating further intelligent debate on the topic:

BBC iPlayer - Unreliable Evidence: How Free Is Our Speech?

Then again, maybe not.


War Hero
Flymo, l can only open two of the links on 'Zionist backers', one is hosted by 'bnptv' which may support Guzzler's suspicions about discrediting the EDL.
The other is to some tube's blog. Hardly Woodward and Bernstein.

Please link to reputable sources. This is a serious thread in a serious forum and given its provenance ( the brutal murder of Gunner Rigby) it deserves better.


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I can open 3 of Flymo's links but they seem to be links to groups attempting to discredit(!) the EDL and running their own agenda's. Ther's no proof, just hearsay. The youtube link is an attempt to prove it's point because the EDL bloke has a Zionist badge on his jacket.
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