Man commits suicide in chatroom

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Ships_Cat, May 26, 2007.

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  1. No charges over 'suicide' on web
    Wow! Didnt know the RR chat room was so harsh!!! 8O
  2. Fuck me i missed that one!Thought the stain on the carpet was Tomsauce from Blobbys Burger!
  3. Don't worry andy he is going to do it again at 2200 hours tomorrow :twisted:
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Can we nominate the next candidate? :twisted:
  5. Pretty nasty incident but what could the chatroom occupants have done other than to try to reason with or talk him out of it. He was totally committed to ly have cracked on with the deed regardless.

    Supposing someone had called the Police? Perhaps they did since I don't have all the facts. By the time they traced him it would probably have been too late.

    The only realistic thing they could have done would be to log off and report it. If they all logged off they would have denied him an audience and perhaps made him to postpone until he could find someone else to witness it.

  6. Personally I think the bloke that topped himself was an extremely selfish individual. If he wanted to die why not just do it quietly? I cannot believe that the authorities even considered taking any action against the other chatroom users. It is illegal to assist someone in committing suicide but it is not illegal to let someone get on with it by themselves.

  7. I'm agree with you to an extent over the issue of the authorities considering taking action to prosecute the others in the chat room. However I believe that in certain circumstances, where say for instance the others really goaded him to do it, that some form of reprimand could be considered appropriate. Again, they would have to be able to trace the people concerned. The internet is an easy place to hide identities.

  8. I can see your point SF however if you think of the things that people say online that they wouldn't say to your face, I think it would be easy in that situation to say "oh go on then just bloody well do it".

    The only exception for example would be if a long term user on a site like this or ARRSE who was well known by the others, suddenly started acting out of character by talking about suicide. That would be a different kettle of fish altogether.

  9. The trouble with suicides is that no-one really cares about them, or at least that's how it seems to them. Some suicides are selfish, others aren't. I don't really think this chap was the selfish sort if he was depressed for an extremely long time. I think he was desparate for attention, and not finding anyone who gives a damn was probably the straw that broke the camel's back.

    I know that the automatic assumption of suicides is that they are selfish, only thinking of themselves, etc. But mulling it over for quite a while, I remember a few times when I just didn't want to face my troubles and thoughts always meander onto how much easier it would be if I wasn't alive. The difference is when I feel melancholic I have friends to cheer me up again, and I believe that the same sort of feeling has probably been felt by everyone on this forum at one time or another.

    I can only suspect that this chap had no friends, and was probably out of touch with his family. If he hadn't hung himself he would only have died anyway from the lack of any will to live.
  10. Charging people in a chatroom over someone else's suicide. Isn't that a little like charging someone standing on a pavement watching someone else throw themself off a roof? Whoever thought that one up must be a few hairs short of a full set.
  11. Peter

    I see your point totally however although I feel for such individuals (had bad spots in the past myself) I tend to feel more sympathy for the ones who either witness such a thing, have to deal with the mess, and for the ones left behind.

    An example of this was someone (i have to be careful here) who jumped from the 18th floor of an office block in the middle of the day, went past all the other floors where people saw him fly past, hit a parapet above the ground floor with a thump, and some poor security bloke had to do CPR as the guy was still alive. I feel sorry for all those affected by that rather than the guy himself, if he was that desperate why not wait until most people had left?

  12. Whether someone takes their own life, dies in an accident or from natural causes, there is always someone who has to clear up afterwards.
  13. SF, had the police been alerted immediately by one of the voyeurs (remembering that internet voyeurism is now a criminal offence) they could have traced him by contacting his ISP. So I think they should all be charged and be sent down for 3 years! :twisted:


    In some US States it's a criminal offence not to intervene in such situations.

  14. OK, I'll bite.

    Why do CPR on someone who's still alive?

    You only do CPR on those poor buggers who are already technically dead. And if I'd witnessed somebody chuck themselves off a tall building then surely that's as good as a DNR (Do Not Resusitate) Order in the deceased wishes?

    Just my two pennorth. ^~
  15. Shakey

    He still had a pulse but had stopped breathing due to the impact.


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