Man Assaults Police Officer With His Penis

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by TattooDog, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. A man who assaulted a female police officer with his penis has been fined.


    Asault with a deadly weapon?
  2. Makes me wonder why she was below him ;)
  3. Shouldn't that be "Assault with a friendly weapon"?
  4. "The accused got to his feet and was standing over the police officer exposing his penis and thrusting it in her face, forcing her to take evasive action to avoid getting struck."

    Struggled to read that with a straight face.
  5. It's good to see that even in Third World Countries like Lithuania, they practice the noble art of 'twonking.'
  6. That's modern policing for you. In the old days, the PC would have twatted it with his truncheon then his mates would have given it a good kicking.
  7. It was a female copper. I reckon the bloke should get a reward. Is the video on youtube yet?
  8. Yeah, Dixon of Dock Green or Jack Regan wouldn't have taken 'evasive action', they'd have given the bloke a right old 'noncing'!
  9. I'd have been charged with "attempted murder" :lol:
  10. Some of todays coppers are tiny Trig.
  11. I know, having met my brothers female colleague, I can vouch for that!!
  12. Was he suffering from brewers droop during the offence?
  13. Maybe he was standing on the sofa so she was at *hogs* eye level with his little Lithuanian.

    She should have punched him on the glans and pepper sprayed him on the nads.

    Not for his 'crime' but purely for comic effect.
  14. Pity she wasn't armed with a Tazer. A couple of thousand volts down his jap's eye would have sorted him out
  15. It would seem that she didn't want a policeman's helmet on her head then.
  16. Maybe he was simply trying to fcuk a bit of sense into her?

    Have a nice day

  17. Surprised the BNP haven't hijacked this yet.
    'Filthy immigrants coming here taking our jobs, teabagging our WPCs'.
  18. Why did she have his penis anyway?

    Not surprised he started windmilling.
  19. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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