Maltese in the Navy WW2

Discussion in 'History' started by scottish_researcher, Jun 30, 2015.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to the forum and was hoping for a bit of info to help my research and writing on Malta during the Second World War. Any replies much appreciated!

    Firstly, I'm wondering if anyone would have any insight into the recruitment of native Maltese into the Royal Navy either just before or during the war. Would there have been an active recruitment officer in Valletta, perhaps? The Maltese were mostly ratings, and I'm particularly interested in Officers' Stewards or similar.

    Secondly, I've been searching in relation to the above, for the types of vessel which would have stewards as part of the crew? Would this have been limited to the larger vessels in the fleet or would it extend down to smaller ships such as minesweepers?

    Many thanks!
  2. They were mostly Cooks and Officers' Stewards and, as Locally Enlisted Personnel could attain the rating of CPO.
    Many were killed on Active Service and, are as loyal to the Royal Navy today as they always were.
    Get a Maltese PO Chef to make you a Cheesy Hammy Eggy Topside and you've lived.
  3. Fixed :)
  4. Fixed?
    You have been or are contemplating?
  5. Read what I've quoted that you've said
  6. No slur intended Chef.
    Your Cheesy Hammy Eggy Topsides were made with the ingredients available.
    The bread would have been jack-stayed across several days before. The cheese was tinned and the ham like-wise The eggs back then were powdered.
    The Maltese PO Chef used newly-baked bread, Maltese Ham off the bone and their delicious ─ábejniet Gozo cheese. The eggs from the Sliema chicken farm. All cooked in Virgin Olive Oil.
    Comparisons are odious--I agree!.
  7. Trainer

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  8. Eesy chammy Teggy Hopsides?

    Was not me. May have been my brother in Gozo.
  9. Seaweed

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