Maltese Cooks and Stewards

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Art the Fart, Jul 27, 2014.

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  1. Those of us who served in the Mediterranean Fleet and beyond will ever remember those first-class chaps .After a run ashore with the Cox'n we returned on board, well after 2 am, to find the PO Cook inviting us for a Cheesy Hammy Eggy Topside as only they could make them. The mandatory half inch slice of fried bread topped with a half inch slice of ham and cheese was par for the course, but on this occasion after the fried egg was on top he skewered the whole thing , plunged it into batter, and deep-fried it. Best night's sleep for a long time .Mind the Cox'n was adrift for Captain's Defaulters
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  2. Why would a deep fried CHE help you to sleep?
    Why would the PO cook be in the kitchen at 02:00 and why would he have the fryers flashed up?
    It sounds a bit like an alcholol induced dream to me.
    I'm also surprised that your arteries are still functioning enough for you to type.
  3. You've evidently not had to deep fry breakfast fried bread for 120 crew at 4 in the morning .Nor, clearly, have you enjoyed a cheesy hammy eggy topside or you would know they are most soporific. Happily your arteries remain unfurred as a result. Atherosclerosis awaits you.
  4. We stopped cooking food 3 hours before it was required about 30 years ago. And stopped deep frying bread about 20, it's gross.

  5. Cos he was an all round good egg:pirat:
  6. Cos it was different times and a different navy!
  7. Persactly!
  8. Times have changed, we used to have 4 and 9 o'clockers, what will go next? evening meal?

    However the deep fried CHE sounds divs
  9. Is it me or does this sound like a copy of a thread from Always a Civvy??
  10. I won the Malta Dog shoot......:tshirt:
  11. Go back to bed you silly old cnut
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  12. It was a rhetorical question.
    All of you who think that the food is bad now, you should have tried it when the op was in the mob.
  13. Sounds so good I've just got the pan on.
  14. Then:-
    Porridge with sweetened condensed milk
    A kipper fried in pork dripping
    Kidneys on fried bread oozing saturated fat-
    A lean healthy crew-
    Mango and Carrot juice
    Special K
    Low fat Yoghurt
    A egg poached in Highland Spring water served on Rye Bread
    --The crew?--
  15. Now you're talking shit on a raft, brekky of the god's and I've even got out of my rack when off watch for that but a lean and healthy ships company?

    I joined up in 1973 and there weren't too many lean and healthy ships company on my first sea draft, plenty of heavy smokers with their heads in the beer boat though, with the physique and constitution to match.

    They were the same shore side, tabbing with the blue liners and the many dockyard canteens serving booze!
  16. You are talking absolute bollocks.
  17. You're talking sweetbreads. Served to the esoteric minority aft of the Royal Marine Band The Officer's Cooks knew how to dispense bollocks to their superiors
  18. Nice thread but sorry to say that I don't have much time for ex-matelots that slag-off pussers scran. In 16 years in the RN, followed by 13 years in the RNR, I honestly can't remember having even 1 gash meal. There was always something on the menu that was at worst 'fair' or at best 'divs'. Admittedly it depended to a certain extent on the group of chefs you had, and I always thought that the food on ships was much better than the food in shore bases (I served in the days when pusser's chefs manned the shore galleys, not contract caterers!!). On my last ship, when I was a senior rate, we ate like kings. The PO Cates (who was my run ashore oppo) did a great job. To this day I still miss some of the fare from a pussers menu.
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You obviously never ate at Dolphin Galley in the mid 1960's calling it shite would have praised it too much.
  20. True, I didn't eat at Dolphin ever, let alone the mid-60's. I can only speak for myself and the ships & establishments that I had. However, I could be wrong, but wasn't there always the choice of a Salad Bar, and in some places (definitely at Mercury & Drake) an Omelette Bar, at lunchtime in the galleys in all shore establishments? Did they even mess-up the salads at Dolphin? Just wonderin'?

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