Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Scrumpy, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Just packing my bags for a trip to Malta tomorrow, Haven't been there for 30 years...I dare say it might of changed a bit!

    Any of you guys been recently, and if so is there anything I should look out for?
  2. PM Flymo he's up to date and very knowledgeable, and does't bite :wink:
  3. I have been twice once three years ago and then again two years ago. I haven't been back though because they changed their currency to the Euro and prices have escalated.
    Must say I enjoyed my trips, stayed in Qawra in the Bella Vista. Hotel was OK and food good. Stayed All Inclusive which is for me a double edged sword, being of Scotish Jewish and possibly Maltese extraction I couldnt see the point of leaving the hotel to pay forr booze and food elsewhere when it was free in the hotel :oops: :p
    Still I enjoyed it even though my trip down strait street upset me with there being neither bars or matelots. :p
  4. We were there in June and the buses haven't changed, they are still rickety old things. We stayed in the Hilton @ St Julians, really nice and the local restaurants weren't too pricey really.
  5. And why exactly were you looking for matelots on 'strait' street? [​IMG]
  6. Was there in june myself.It has changed.Yes can still make out places etc a few bars in the gut still see there names Manoel island lascaris most of the creeks we used you can tell but it hase changed .The old buses are going to be fased out or have new cleaner engines put in em all to do with the EU many miles of new road traffic lights speed cameras M&S boots debanams all their i have been six times in the last ten years and seen change everytime more so since they entered europe .They are even talking about building a new barakka lift.The one thing that has not changed is the freindliness of the Maltese people !!!!!
  7. Honest Guv I was trying to see ig they had any pussers Rum with them :oops: :p
  8. :sunny: We go quite often;stay in Marttlisokk[however they spell it] :geek: Do not expect Salima to be the same Tonys bar is still there,but the place is built up and plagued with time share selling scum :evil: The Gut is derelict ; but its still Malta We love it! :p

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