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Malta bus.


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I wonder if the new buses will have a bowl of holy water by the driver, so you can bless yourself before the journey starts. They really ought to have had one beside the Barraca Lift, bless yourself prior to climbing up the supporting gantry.


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1. The old route-colour-coded buses, that way because until Governor Strickland organised it for the Maltese in the 1920s, their language was purely oral and therefore most Maltese were illiterate - so written destinations on buses couldn't work.

2. The driver's caboose, fringed with Maltese lace and crowded with religious images as a security against accidents (a substitute for driving skills).

3. The passengers all wearing stolen Pusser's burberries.

The island of yells, bells and smells.


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I remember the first time I went to Malta and got the bus. A little kid asked me for money and I told him to **** off, turned out he was the conductor :shock: :oops:
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