Male/Female body builders - Is it right?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. Yes - muscles look lovely

  2. Not sure - Health questionable

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  3. No way - Freaks

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  4. No- not natural to look like that

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  1. Are body builders good looking/ look good ?

    Is it right to develop muscles like that?

    Do they look like freaks?

    :judge: :strong:
  2. I like women to look like women and to have natural curves in the right places. Female body builders do not do it for me.
  3. Female body builders are only attractive to closet pooftahs
  4. Too veiny!! Makes me feel ill to look at when they flex....fFair play to anyone foir dedication to their cause- but men who are beefed up to that extreme- Yuk.

    Fit is 'Fit'- Fanatical is not. Stop at the 6-pack please.
  5. Are those tits real ?!
    She looks like a drag queen.
  6. I think the majority of us like our women to be fit, but not to go too far that way and it does nowt for me at all.

    I like a woman who is curvy and above all, looks like a woman and not some Arnie clone.

  7. Agreed mate - curvy, athletic women do it for me too. BEYONCE

    As for female bodybuilders, I think that might also have an effect on the passion side of things, when her roid rage kicks in, she gets you in a headlock and throws you about the room like an empty tracksuit...................... unless that kinda things turns you on I suppose!! :thumright:
  8. 'Watch _ and _shoot wrote 'Unless that kinda things turns you on I suppose!!

    ....Why wouldn't it ? Are you men or mice ? Just think of the headlock as a prerequisite to the thighs-round-your-neck routine. ( (Smiley here, except I can't get them to copy across).
  9. As in Xena Onatopp from the Bond film who gently squuezed some bulky russian general to death and got off at the same time......
  10. 'Well, we are the multi-tasking sex....should have added, 'whilst eating borsch'
    Let's face it...the possibilities are endless.
  11. I knew a male body builder once (no I'm not). Him and his missus used to do the shows together. He showed me pictures of his other half in training and she looked like a long haired Arnie. Then he showed me pictures of her out of training. What a difference, she looked bloody nice, well fit.
    Apparently they used the weights for a few weeks before a show, just to pump up their muscles, and when the shows over they just return to their normal (albeit larger) size.
  12. Besides my sweetheart who else would I pick :bball:

  13. Yet you pickthese wenchified lovelies from years gone past and not your scantily-clad Arnie-tahs...
    Choices of pics made due to the latex rubber/ shiny suits they're wearing or just the hint of cleavage proffered by Ms Blackman ?
  14. Good grief - even Stinkies have got scruples, not many I admit, but Sheesh - how can any man (or woman for that matter) fancy one of those grotesce EX females! let alone take it to bed!
  15. They look fxxxxxxxxg awful , full stop .
  16. I must be a closet brown hatter then, I think female body builders look great. :w00t:
  17. I think Rubens had the right idea of how women should look, voluptuous and naked. muscles are for men, manly men, like matelots grrrrr!
  18. I think that they distort their natural bodily attributes to a grotesque state.

    I could no more give a female body builder one than poke my dick in a mincing machine ( pun intended ).

    Women should be shapely with curves and bumps in all the right places.

    :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:

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