Malaysian Airline disappearance

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MG Maniac, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. Has Pontious signed in after MH370 disappeared???
  2. The flight deck crew were both Malay and there were no Brits onboard.
  3. Looks like SMERSH to me.

  4. Fixed that for your Guzz ... no charge!

    I was just worried that Pontious had done a runner with some nubile trolley dolley when he owes me a lift to Hawaii!
  5. I thought SMERSH was funnier!!!!!!
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  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Hoping for a serious thread, full of speculation, both informed and wild arsed guesses. The aircraft is said to have turned 180 about before going off the radar. If there was a fault that required landing ASAP, I'd have expected some communication with the ground before or during the turn.

    I flew with Malaysia, London to Kuala Lumpur some a few years ago. Lush. I didn't want to get off.
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  7. There will almost certainly have been. Upper air aircraft deviating from it's flight planned route sets off many, many alarm bells all round.
  8. Much is being made of the two men travelling on stolen passports. It is reported that they purchased through tickets to Europe via Beijing. If blowing up an aircraft is your sole reason for travelling I'd have thought the that buying the cheapest option was most likely. We are now told that the men have been identified but strangely the rest of the world is still waiting to learn their identity. Finally no organisation has claimed responsibility for the outrage which in itself is unusual.
  9. 'Tis a mystery indeed......:scratch:
  10. C'mon Monty, you must have a theory or three.....its your raison d'etre (just love that phrase)....innit ?
    Seriously, give us a bone to chew a frequent flyer, with no aviation background, I, like many others have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, I just buy a ticket, board the aircraft, wait for the drinks trolley and watch a couple of gash movies to while away the time.
  11. I wouldn't like to speculate but I fail to link a definite change of course with a bomb.

    Hijack or mechanical failure? Yes change of course. If it was hijacked then it's SSR code should indicate so, without the hijackers knowing thus alerting ATC. If it was mechanical failure they should have made a distress call, again also changing SSR code to indicate emergency.

    They turned back to KL, I think the passport thing is incidental.

    If I were to hazard a guess I'd say a critical mechanical failure, but it's just that, a guess.
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  12. Thanks for that Monty, its reassuring to know that procedures are in place for most eventualities.....however I intend to stay closer to that drinks trolley in future.
  13. Pontus may be a good man to talk through things from a cockpit view however speaking to a Lufthansa Airbus pilot I know he says there isn't much that you can't land in theory. One or two very rare things are absolute endex though but simply shouldn't happen if all boxes are ticked.

    One theory is massive cabin depressurisation. It would possibly explain no distress message. Not sure how quickly hypoxia would set in though.
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  14. Re enforces my requirement for access to alcohol..........cheers mate !
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  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If we're speculating, my guess is that one or more countries are actually not saying what they do know, which infers some kind of cover-up & deliberate news black out, whatever the cause.

    Rumours are rife, of course and conspiracy theorists go beserk at such times, sadly. There are those that suggest it's a foiled Chinese version of 9/11 with the aircraft shot down, which they claim explains the lack of information. If it's a totally innocent disaster, one would've thought it were quite unlikely an airliner would vanish without trace unless someone wasn't actually releasing the information, pending an on going investigation.
  16. what are you implying? There no such citizen as Malay; it's Malaysians.
  17. He's not implying anything is he? Right or wrong, he's stating it.
  18. stating what? We only know the pilot is a Malay but the rest of the crew?
  19. He said that the flight crew "were Malay".

    You said "what are you implying? There no such citizen as Malay; it's Malaysians".

    Your point appeared to be about the term used for the nationality, not the actual nationality of the crew.

    In fact you have since changed that to call them 'Malay' yourself.

    Have you had a discussion before?
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