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Malawians voice anger against farting bill


Residents in Malawi's financial capital Blantyre have reacted angrily at government attempts to criminalise farting in public.

College student, Matthews Phiri, was not alone in saying he could not understand how the government hoped to enforce the new law - adding to widespread criticism that the new law is a giant waste of public funds.

"We all fart in public and it will be difficult to tell who has done it. Some do it silently. It some cases it is like teargas which goes like shhhh! Our legislators need to concentrate on discussing development projects. They should not waste our time and money on childish issues. It would make sense if they talked about defecating and urinating anyhow but not farting. This will not work. We will keep on farting." he said.....

What is the world coming to.... :laughing2:
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