Maladministration of AFPS 75 by SPVA

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by sandyspud, Dec 21, 2013.

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  1. Since I reached retirement age, I was informed by Xafinity Paymaster that my AFPS 75 pension would be reduced by £266.75 per year. This happened in August 2012, and a long paper chase started, to find out why there was an abatement of my RN pension.
    Up to the present time, and since August 2012, I have trawled the internet looking for information on any legislation regarding this subject, and I have contacted XP, SPVA, HMRC and DWP to find some answers.
    I exhausted all complaint avenues and then went through the Internal Dispute Procedures, stages 1 & 2, with SPVA in Glasgow I then contacted the HMRC to give me information under the Freedom of Information Act.
    At this point I knew the AFPS 75 was being improperly administered. Stage 2 of the IDPS informed me there would be a pension reduction which was calculated at time of discharge, in my case that was done in 1975, & was £32.15, and that this was index linked to the CPI (Consumer Price Index) raising the sum to £266.75 at retirement.
    The information I received from HMRC informed me the reduction calculated at discharge, should never rise, even although the pension was index linked.
    On investigating further on the internet I found SPVA were found guilty of maladministration of AFPS pensions in 2011, you'll find details on BBC News - Armed forces pensioners underpaid, admits MOD
    I have been advised to proceed to the Pensions Ombudsman, but I would appreciate any helpful comments from other ex-servicemen in the same predicament
  2. SS. I can't help you at all, but you could try posting this next door on ARRSE where there are frequent spats about pension things and you may get some information/more facts to support your case.
  3. You will need to put your case to the Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) first. Their address is 11 Belgrave Rd, London SW1V 1RB. You need to set out what has happened to give rise to the problem, what happened in IDRP Stages 1 and 2, why you believe your case has not been dealt with fairly and what remedy you require.

    TPAS are like a gateway to the the Pensions Ombudsman (PO) and, if they don't rule in your favour, you can put your case to the Ombudsman (same address as above. Tel. 0207 834 9144. website email [email protected].

    We at the Forces Pension Society help our members by checking cases to TPAS/ PO and highlighting where arguments need clarifying or strengthening. One case to TPAS came back the other day saying that as it had been rejected at Stage 1 and 2, TPAS couldn't do anything - clearly a silly thing to say as individuals cannot go to TPAS until they have been through the internal stages! So, don't be put off if TPAS doesn't support your case - just plough on.
  4. Vauxhall,

    Thank you for your advice, I have information from TPAS, however if I send them all the information, which would have to be by post, as there is about 30> pages of correspondence, from various government departments, would they then forward this information to the Pension Ombudsman. I really dont want to sent all the material twice, as the postal cost is high.

    My complaint to the PO is on points of law, and I wouldn't expect it to be refused, but if it was, I would soldier on. This in not an isolated complaint and may effect thousands of other ex-servicemen and women, so pensioners should check the advice they receive from Xafinity Paymaster, I have calculated this error is costing me and others £230.00 per annum.
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  5. Please send me your account and sort code details, I can't spend all mine and it would make me feel so much better knowing some of it would go to a whinging **** like you
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  11. Latest update, on SPVA maladministration. I received word from the Pensions Ombudsman, SPVA have been given until the 5th of August 2014, to provide information on who authorised the index linking of the reduction of AFPS 75, due to National Insurance and Graduated Pensions contributions modifications, which apply at retirement pension age. HMRC have made it clear, the amount calculated at time of discharge should never change.

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