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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by ET(WE)Sutton, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Hello Everyone.

    Well i found this Royal Navy Drama With The episodes online and i wanted to see if you guys wanted the link...

    let me know.
  2. Go on then stick the link up!
  3. Bloody hell! Just bought it on DVD as well! (Only place you seem to be able to get it now is eBay, as Navy News seem to have stopped selling it).
  4. wonder if episode 2 is on there?
  5. I've got to say, having watched them all now (on my shiny disks), that it is a terrible shame they cancelled it. (Well, it was anyway). Episode 4 is a cracker, definitely watch that one.
  6. Thanks ET (WE) Pooley been looking for it for ages please keep us updated.
  7. haha its okay found it last nite... the rest will be up soon but mite take a lil while to go up...
  8. Are you all quite mad? It was abysmal - a huge missed opportunity. The storyline was rubbish in all episodes (except episode 4, granted), the characters were unsympathetic, the acting was crap, it was unrealistic and had viewing figures approaching zero. The critics hated it, the public hated it, and 75% of the Navy hated it.

    I really REALLY wanted it to be good. But it wasn't, and most people agreed, as shown by the fact it was cancelled mid-series (a VERY rare occurrence in TV land - there were only 3 more). You lot should stop pretending to like something just 'cos there's a white ensign showing - rent Sailor on DVD, or an old war movie - MUCH better.
  9. Have to agree with you "geoffrey" , absolute shite , :twisted:
  10. So, geoffrey, you're saying that in essence, it was like Eastenders with grey floaty thingies... ;)

    I have to agree it was a little too soap-opera-ish for my liking, but it was still a darn sight better than most of the crap on TV.
  11. I thought it was quite good. just watched all the bit parts on utube.

    Usual hammy acting but the story and effects were quite good .
  12. I was working at the Holiday Inn, Portsmouth where all the cast were staying.

    The bars were open all hours when they were doing late shoots in the dockyard or on the ship alongside.

    I remember them leaving their scripts and logistic/security briefs after each shoot and I used to go round collecting them for them. They never wanted them back so i have a collection of them all somewhere in my loft.

    The whole cast and directors etc threw a party for the whole lot of the hotel staff on completion of the filming, which was a cracker.
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    They do throw good parties after filming don't they. I was invited to one by the rather attractive production assistant, I happily trundled along with the Wife, halfway through the evening one of the cast told me that the PA was pissed off 'cos I'd brought the Wife.
    It was then that I realised that age was fogging the brain.
  14. i thort it was okay like.... i enjoyed the fact that it is a lil like the navy but not fully... if ya get me.... i very really enjoy dramas but i like this its okay...

    should of done it like they done the office that would of been fun.. but like shipmates a bit but more drama... (i wonder y i jibbed goin into tele coz iam shit at thinkin of things haha)
  15. It was pants and never caught on at all. Sailor was far better and much more amusing as well.

    ET(WE), please stop posting using 'txt' lingo, its so awful and belongs on a mobile only. I thank you. :)
  16. Actually, I thought it was a clever parody on the audience the Series was probably aimed at.
  17. I only watched one episode and thought it was excrutiatingly poor. Decided not to watch it again and was not surprised that it got binned.

    And ET(WE)Pooley, sort out the standard of your English, it is appalling. You are not texting your mates so make it readable. Besides, it is embarrassing for those of us that are WEs to see this poor standard in someone who wishes to be a WE .
  18. I am Not doing it on purpouse, its just happens.
  19. yes and chocolate cake always happens to jump into my trolley at Tescos, I do not put it in there on purpose. Take responsibility for your own actions young man.

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