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For all of you who remember the TV series Making Waves. This is a British television drama series produced by Carlton Television for ITV. It was created by Ted Childs and chronicles the professional and personal lives of the crew of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Suffolk. First broadcast on 7 July 2004, the series starred Alex Ferns as Commander Martin Brooke and Emily Hamilton as Lieutenant Commander Jenny Howard. The frigate HMS Grafton stood in for Suffolk and additional filming took place around HMNB Portsmouth with the full co-operation of the Royal Navy. The links to this series can be found below. Please enjoy.

Making Waves (2004)
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A full list of the Making Waves TV Series episodes synopsis can be found below:

Making Waves S01E01 - Episode 1 - After a joint exercise results in the death of an officer from another ship, Commander Martin Brooke takes command of HMS Suffolk to get the ship and her crew ready for final assessment. The new XO, Jenny Howard, contemplates her future in the Navy. "Scouse" Philips celebrates his birthday with Mickey Sobanski, but is trapped at sea the next day. Andy Fellows becomes a grandfather, oblivious that the father is his shipmate.

Making Waves S01E02 – Episode 2 - A visit from an Argentine naval delegation prompts Brooke to step up training. Fellows worries about failing his fitness test and being transferred off the ship. Howard accepts Brooke's offer to be made permanent XO. Sobanski struggles over his inaction that led to a young boy's death. He receives a disciplinary hearing and is later landed from the ship by Brooke. Finnan vows to see Teresa and baby Janey every day.

Making Waves S01E03 – Episode 3 - Buffer is accused of assaulting a female crewmember on a stricken protest ship aided by Suffolk, and his career is endangered. Sobanski attends counseling and later confesses his secret to Bowen. Leading Medical Assistant (LMA) Anita Cook tends to a minor injury Sam Quartermaine received. Buffer's career is safe when the alleged victim of his attack reveals her captain made the story up. Finnan asks Teresa to marry him.

Making Waves S01E04 – Episode 4 - Suffolk's assessment begins and Brooke learns a man from his past will be leading it. Finnan discovers Teresa has been running up a massive credit debt and in anger she calls off the wedding. Suffolk is assigned to lead the task force in a mock war and a fire breaks out below decks. Fellows remains to fight it and he is sealed in when the compartment is flooded with BTM. He is airlifted off the ship but later dies in hospital.

Making Waves S01E05 – Episode 5 - Fellows's ashes are scattered at sea while Finnan is court martialled for striking Lewis and sentenced to 90 days imprisonment. A board of inquiry finds no fault in the events that led to Fellows's death, but Brooke discovers negligent maintenance by Lewis led to the fire. Lewis is escorted from the ship by Scouse and Finnan's sentence is reduced to 28 days after an appeal by Brooke. Before he is taken away, he and Teresa marry.

Making Waves S01E06 – Episode 6 - Brooke learns Suffolk has passed FOST and will soon be deployed. Finnan returns from prison meets his new Charge Chief, who shows him and Teresa a memorial to Andy. Sam and Anita's affair is revealed and Brooke has Sam landed from the ship when Sam appears to lie to him about wanting to marry her. The crew is elated when Brooke informs them that their first deployment will be in the Caribbean.