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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by phil1972, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. I have met a number of people, currently serving RN who originally joined as RNR. Also a number of my RNR new entry class from 3 years ago have gone in full time.

    A number of RN wannabees either use the RNR to try out life in the Navy or are directed to do so by the AFCOs if they think that they are not quite ready for the RN.

    What are other experiences of this, good and bad? There has been some debate in other threads about cost versus value and disruption of the RNR of this happening.

    Also is there anyone who has made the transition and their experienced would be welcome.
  2. Do it. I did 8 years ago and haven't looked back. The RNR is fine, however there is only so much you can take from people always saying "we're mmore professional than the RN because we have full time jobs as well"

    It used to make me sick. Nothing can replace the professionalism of full time training and experience.

    However there is one caveat on all of that: If you aren't used to long periods away then seriously think about what you are doing. Up to 2.5 years in a single appointment can be very wearing. When you are in the RNR any sea time you do is your choice and therefore psychologically you know that you only have a finite time before returning back to civvy street. However being sent where you don't want to go for 2 years is a pisser and would screw up whatever home life you have.

    Also you choose where you go, missing things like BOST etc etc.

    I'm guessing from your nickname that you are 35? I would say that that is too old to jump across unless you are an INT spec or Media or some other funky specialisation.

    Anyway food for thought. I'm sure that other people will say differently.
  3. Hi there - interesting thread - shame there aren't more replies.

    Just curious to know what the age limit would be if you were to transfer from RNR to fulltime RN?

  4. Actually you don't "transfer", you leave the RNR and join the RN (but this may change soon). I understand the maximum entry age for the RN is now 37.
  5. According to a friend who is trying to do this at the moment, there is no mechanism in place. He's been in for a long time and has been told that he has to go back to doing AIB again and BRNC all over, and no account is taken of prior service. Whilst there is a strong argument for young SLT's to do the BRNC course, I think slighlty older individuals should be allowed in, but placed on the Upper Yardy or 'vicars & tarts' short course, before commencing professional training.
  6. Totally agree Jim, I hear that soon an RNR AIB pass will also be valid for entry to the regular RN.
  7. This sort of thing does happen, but it very much depends on the experience of the person concerned. They tend to have done some FTRS for a few years first and are known to the RNCMs already.
  8. Already is, and has been for some time, but there is a time limit on it hence the need to resit.
  9. Very good thread Phil, food for thought on some of the comments.
  10. Any idea what this time limit is?
  11. My mate has several years FTRS and a lot of wider experience. RN still told him to get stuffed as the BR's don't allow for it. Bottom line is that until 2SL sorts this out, it will remain an area open to misinterpretation.
  12. I have no problem with people leaving the RNR as a kind of "try before you buy" thing.

    In a way it kind of shows you that you're doing something right if you have given them the adea that they want to choose that as their career path.

    Also, if the RN are recieving a decent percentage of recruits from the RNR then its yet another way to justify our existance.

    We seem to recruit people who then either move units or join the RN so our numbers, while increasing, do not tend to increase at the rate you would expect.
  13. Oh well, thats me out I'm a a sprightly 38!
  14. It's my understanding that the drop out rate for those who join the RN from the RNR is very low compared with those who join straight off the street. Looks like the 'Try before you buy' approach works a treat.
  15. I believe that's it's 12 months officially but depending on the pass and what you've done they can be flexible. Give the AIB a call, they can be helpful.
  16. Quite, and a certain amount of who and what you know.

    Two examples of people who made the move had similar backgrounds and experience but one was going to a branch that was short and so made it much easier for the officer concerned. The other managed to get get away with the SD course.
  17. Tricky one - but felt i had to jump in on this thread. Has actually made me sign up properly...

    I'm in the boat that i did transfer / move from RNR into RN full time. And judging by the last post - am the one who 'got away with doing SD course'

    Without giving too much away on here - am ex RN, left, went RNR and then rejoined...after mobilisation and FTRS.

    It is possbile - but not easy.
  18. Having applied for this myself and seen others complete it, it is possible. BR60 ? Forget it, if the mob wants you, they find a way.... Good luck in your search. FTRS and straight across into a specialisation that has a need.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If there is a demand then there'll be a supply...
  20. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not entirely sure these posts have all been correct. I was in the RNR for years before I left and joined the RN. I got advanced seniority for my previous experience and was excused large portions of time at BRNC (which I actually did because I didn't want to miss out on updates or be singled out from the rest of my batch).

    I've since been back on the staff at BRNC and there is a fast track process for people with URNU and RNR. I have to say in some cases they should have went through the normal process as their experiences were "limited" and didn't justify the pull through, but it was early days.

    The AIBs are different, they used to focus on slightly different requirements but all that is changing too. I am aware that a common AIB is being developed, not sure if/when it will be implemented.

    As for the posts along the lines of professionalism of the RNR being better because they do two jobs etc. That's all horses and courses IMHO, some RNR people were, some clearly weren't the same can be said for the RN today. For some they take exceptional pride in the Service and their career, some just don't.

    The one thing that does irk slightly is seeing CMR and RNR units trying to dig out niche slots to use the RNR, the SPO parties being one I find interesting. Great concept, not really thought out fully, poorly resources, poorly funded, ends up being a joke amongst the RN. How many times have I seen similar RNR initiatives go the same way - its not the individuals it the corporate strategy that doesn't consider the real world limits of Reservists and doesn't think how they can resource these initiatives. I'm off subject (again), and no doubt am about to be flamed...

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