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I really dont know what to do, whatever happens, at some point in my life I want to earn the green lid. I'm 18 at the moment and I am just wondering whats the best way about getting it, I have lots of options thanks to A-levels. My three choices currently are:

1. go to university and get a construction management degree, join RMR whilst studying which is a good one hour train journey away and Iv spoken to other people to say the RMR somewhat drains you at Uni. and you dont really get the most out of Uni. and your course

2. start with the next troop going down to CTC for regular training

3. join the royal marines after getting my degree, dont really like this idea as I dont really like being cooped up in a classroom (you ask why I'm going to univeristy? Well I suppose there will be a job waiting for me once I'm done).

I dont know if its just a phase but Iv wanted to be a royal marine since I was 14. The only problem with option 2 is that I have heard of people coming out of the marines and then finding it hard to get a job afterwards. Will it all kind of just 'flush out of my system' after a few weeks at CTC and realise I have made a big mistake? Sorry for the essay just wanted to get it off my chest and wondered if anyone was in a similar situation? Or if anyone can help that would be great. Dont worry no idea is stupid :wink: Thanks



If you do join now and then for some reason decide it's not for you then what have you lost? You can still then do your degree as would now.

In response to your worries about a job after leaving, is it really a good idea to plan your career based on what your going to do after it? At 18 you should just go for it and see what happens before you end up tied down by mortgages and kids (not that I'm bitter ;-) .
To be honest Carl, I think getting a degree would be beneficial. As for joining the RMR as well as studying, well I suspect it is no more draining that doing a full time job during the day and a couple of degree courses in evenings, which I have been doing (not at the same time!). It depends what you want to get out of both. The RMR would give you a taste of the service (speaking as ex-RN) and you might decide during that period that it isn't really what you want in life. The degree then gives you other options. There is also the point that if you join up and leave sooner or later, a degree will give you much greater opportunities.

Best of luck with what ever option you elect to do.


What do you expect if you ask this on the RMR forum?

Go for the RMR!

If you can go to university then you should. Firstly because it's fun and secondly because it looks good on your CV whatever you decide to do afterwards.

If you're interested in the Royal Marines but unsure, the RMR is a no risk way to find out if it's for you and it means you can start right away instead of being bored in classrooms for a few years. As for RMR draining you at uni, yeah it's hard work but if people can manage it with full-time jobs then you can certainly manage at uni. Maybe wait until you've got the first term out of the way before you join though.


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Yup Go RMR, 1st year at uni is definitely the best time to get it done too, it will be hard work especially on weekends when you are needing to go away but all your friends are going out on the piss but just remember you are doing something that almost all of them will never be able to.

Uni always provides you with enough free time to get your phys done and almost always very good cheap facilities to do it.

As for the 1 hour train journey, thats really not to bad mate, there are a couple people here who take a lot longer than that to get to drill nights.

Best thing about RMR as has already been said is unlike the regulars you can leave at any time up till you get your green lid without any problems as long as you return all your kit.

So Give it a shot



Thanks for all the comments lads really appreciate it.

u8dmtm- yeah I thought about that, as a kind of really cool gap year experience!

I think I'm going to go to uni and join RMR Henley and see what happens with that. But at the back of my mind I'm still thinking PRMC is the way to go, Ill sleep on it for a couple of weeks.

Thanks again.


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You know the saying "The opportunity of a lifetime should be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity". Don't hang about, do it whilst you're still young, fit and able. Think of the kudos!


go for it mate ;)

as was said its no more draining than having to do a full time job then go to RMR drill nights etc.


As an old boy once said to me..."at your age my boy, your dick should never be dry"...not sure if that helps!

And one from me...."What's hit is history, what's missed a mystery"


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