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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Jenny_Dabber, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Jenny_Dabber

    Jenny_Dabber New member

    A few friends and I are thinking of making a film/video for a friend's daughter.

    Basically, a very close friend of ours died a month ago of cancer, she battled long andhard but eventually, it took over. She left behind a very beautiful daughter, 5yrs old, who is now living with her grandparents.

    We all wish that this didn't happen and all dearly love her daughter. As a respect to her and in hopes that her daughter could see what her mum was really like from a young age up until her last moments, we want to make a short film, just of phoro's that we gathered from our young years (6yrs old) up until now but are trying to chose the music to accompany it.

    I thought Smile by Charlie Chaplin would be good.................however, we are stuck for thoughts.

    Do any of you RR'rs have any ideas?
  2. jacana

    jacana Banned

    No sadness. Just happy memories. Her Mum:- I'm HAPP--Y I'm HAPP--Y You know I am I'm sure I am I'm HAPP--Y
    Just Happy memories.
  3. Greenie

    Greenie New member

    JD did the 'Mother' have any favourite songs /music

    would be appropriate to put one of those as a backing ,five year olds
    do remember what Mother sang or was always listening to.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  4. One_Eyed_Willy

    One_Eyed_Willy New member

    Destiny by Zero7
  5. RoofRat

    RoofRat New member

    "I wish", from the Lighthouse Family. Beautiful piece.
  6. Jenny_Dabber

    Jenny_Dabber New member

    She listen to a lot of sada, billy holiday and tony bennet.............she was really into blues/jazz etc and romatnic songs.

    I like the light house one!
  7. skyvet

    skyvet Supporters - GCM

    What a nice gesture JD, and I hope it turns out well.
    What about "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" by Heather Small (M People). The lyrics would hopefully fit the bill, and be inspiring to your friends daughter too.
  8. Jenny_Dabber

    Jenny_Dabber New member

    Thank you xx
  9. paddlequack

    paddlequack New member

    Sigur Ros - Track 1 of the white album

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