Make & Mend (M&M)

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Sumo, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Well off for my Friday M&M how many Civvies get these, I do for one, and every weekend off, have a nice weekend suckers
  2. Same for me smartarse, and I don't do duties either :)
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    After nearly ten years in the Naval Careers Service I still feel seen-off talking to university students that don't get out of bed each week before 14:00 on a Friday.

    I'd much rather be sat in a traffic jam on the A34/M4 all afternoon.
  4. Don't make a noise on Monday morning when you go to work will you, as us on early retirement may want to sleep in until 10ish.
    Also a tad of overtime would be appreciated as it keeps the pension and perks ticking over.
    You can go now.
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  5. I have a make and mend every day !!..Used to love em in the mob always took mine on friday so could get early trains etc great
  6. Reveille is 0700 for this callsign- although I do have a nap from 0900-1900. Stop tarring all us students with the same brush :)
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  7. Yep the perks of early retirement :biggrin:
  8. Oi! You lot ... Keep the noise down ... some of us poor bastards are still hard at it keeping the NHS grinding forward ... or shouuld that be surfing the internet/trying to look busy/ going for a tab break/ reading the papers/drinking coffee/

    Ah fcuk it! Have a good weekend one and all!
  9. Tell you the truth all days are good uns and the only difference at weekends is its noisier and dearer.
    Fuck work its overrated and the adage hard work never killed anyone was made up by the fuckers who never did any.
  10. I'll try my best but her indoors says I am loud enough to wak the dead.
    Over time sod off, tax man gets enough, no point over doing it Salary, pension, +++perks.
    55 next year will then look at the early retirement
  11. Sounds like the slow moving NHS we all love to hate we we are waiting to be seen.

    Enjoy your weekend I am sure Mrs MG will have you painting or some other shit:pirat:
  12. I asked the Chief to let me leave on Friday mornings ...'' No problem,'' he said.

    Then I asked to leave on Thurs .. He stopped all M&Ms !
  13. Blimey.

    Crikey even.

    One of the cats that I used to look after has had a sore paw, but I'm assured that it's nothing to worry about. The weather's OK as well at the moment, but who knows eh?
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  14. 14:30 on a friday - weekend off after doing 39 hours of drinking tea and keeping the peace. see ya next week plebs!
  15. Plebs?!

    We expect your resignation now.
  16. Pleb?
    I demand you resign.
    Unless your my barman, in which case just pour me another.
  17. I still don't like the idea of going to work on Wednesdays; it spoils two weekends.
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  18. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    There is no way a WAFU would work that late any day, certainly not on a Friday.
  19. Into my 18th year of retirement, can't stand daytime TV, radio 4 (The Home Service) is becoming a left wing mouthpiece, don't like gardening, Mrs Mango keeps getting ideas about furniture rotation/curtain hanging/extended shopping/painting/decorating, and I only bought this bungalow last year because it was "ready to move into and live in".

    Don't believe all you hear about make and mends and retirement!

  20. Er I seem to remember a certain dinner time sesh in a public house in York, whilst drinking rum like it was going out of fashion, and washing the obviously disgusting taste out of your mouth with pints, you seemed to be delighted in not having to turn to.
    Must have been another 2Badge Mango. My mistake Pete.
    You wouldn't be bored if I lived local, I'd let you lead me astray.;-P=-D=-D=-D:drunken::drunken:
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