Major Site Outage - 26 - 27 Jan 18

Good CO

An apology to all for the complete loss of service and lack of communication over the last 20 hours. There has been a lot of firefighting following an extremely troublesome ARRSE upgrade and because of server changes RR went down in the process and it was really tricky problem to find the problem.

Service should now be normal again (which is not "perfect" of course)!

Just a reminder that this is a very part time undertaking and jobs, children, arrse, time all limit the professionalism and resources that go into the ARRSE & NavyNet.

All that aside, enjoy the site! At some point soon it will be NavyNet's turn to get the same facelift ARRSE just had. Having been through the fire once, let's hope that goes more smoothly.


War Hero
Thanks for all you do GCO (and others!)

Mind you, it was a right barsteward having to talk to the strange woman next to me last night......


War Hero
May I be the first, on here, to congratulate the successful software upgrade on Arrse whilst also being the first on Navy Net to say the traditional, nay obligatory.... :)



Phew! Thanks to those concerned in getting us back to the phenomenon that is .......... Rum Ration! :cool:


War Hero
Just when you think you've got the hang of the system on Navy net we're warned an upgrade is in the offing. Please do not feel you have to rush into any upgrade on my behalf.


Book Reviewer
Bloody Hell, I was out all day, when I got in I had to talk to the Wife (well listen to her)
Fully appreciate that that RR (being only a mere sub-section) had to go down whilst ARRSE was being updated.


Although RR came back up apparently unchanged it has, unwittingly, been changed:

As spelt out by another RR Poster, the Search function no longer works: "No results found"

Also lost is the facility to view any previous posts by oneself or any other subscriber, the same notification appears: "No results found".

I respectfully but strongly suggest that these irritating side-effect gliches be sorted /fixed before any upgrading of RR, please!!


Whilst I'm more of a lurker than subscriber there is one most useful facility which appears to have been lost or changed during the up-grade:

What is now missing at ARRSE (but still available at RR) is the "Top" function word at the right hand side of the footer ribbon of each page.

Apparently, this function has been replaced by an elusive upwards-pointing Tab near the bottom right of the new ARRSE pages - But (at my PC) this Tab only appears after reaching the very bottom of a page when one start to scroll back upwards again.

If this new Tab is "Industry Standard" then I'd live with it - but much prefer the old-style "Top" word affixed to that bottom footer ribbon,; can RR keep that, please?


War Hero

My current phone, internet No, Blue Tooth No, FM radio bonus, camera No, makes phone calls, and receives them, not tried text yet? Happy days

Did Arrse crash kill my smart ish phone???


War Hero
Definition of a genuine Cheap Skate ;)
Its a phone it makes phone calls, what else do you want?:rolleyes:

Actually the wife’s, she brought it to port her number over from contract to contract, something odd that she couldn’t port her number from EE to EE new contract? Right royal pain that was. She has an IPhone 5, 6, 6+ will she let me have one, will she buggery:? This nice little number is a Tesco special.
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