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Daily Wail said:
A mixed British and Afghan convoy came under attack from the Taliban, allegedly with roadside bombs, rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns.

His citation praised his ‘swift, instinctive actions, personal courage and disregard for his own life’, and stated: ‘As a result of his calm leadership under fire losses were prevented and the lives of those injured were saved.’

He was awarded the Military Cross in 2009 ‘for his consistent bravery and inspirational leadership’. is understood fellow soldiers in the ambush disputed the claims.

Two corporals were reported to have claimed there was no hostile fire by the Taliban when a vehicle in their convoy was blown up.

The Sunday Telegraph reported at the time that the officer who made the initial complaint felt aggrieved that actions attributed to Major Armstrong were those of other officers.
I reckon Danny Nightingale will be threaders to learn Major Armstrong was given a one year suspended prison sentence for similar firearms offences.

Daily Wail said:
When the Military Police examined his personal computer – to see if he had indeed written himself up for the MC – they found instead that he had illegally stored almost 160 classified documents.

A search of his quarters uncovered an inoperative automatic pistol, more than 270 rounds of ammunition and a morphine injector.

In February 2012 he appeared before a court martial in Colchester, Essex, and admitted four charges of conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline. He was dismissed and handed a year’s imprisonment suspended for two years.


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The pistol the Major had was inoperative, therefore it was a hammer. For Waltitude At the top of the Shortt index, he's in utter disgrace. Her Majesty commands it.

IIRC, at the retrial, Nightingale's sentence was also suspended.

Hereford Hooligan has Gun. Go on!


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The pistol the Major had was inoperative, therefore it was a hammer.

Definition of hammer:

Firearms Act said:
If a weapon bears an approved house mark and has been certified in writing as de-activated, the item is presumed to be incapable of discharging bullets or shot. De-activated firearms are expressly excluded from the definition of realistic imitation firearm and are therefore not affected by the new realistic imitation offence
Definition of firearm:
Firearms Act said:
An imitation weapon will be treated as a firearm to which section 1 of the Firearms Act 1968 applies if:
  • it has the appearance of such a weapon; and
  • it can be readily convertible into a weapon from which a shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged (ss1(1) an 1(2) Firearms Act 1968).
"Readily convertible" means "it can be so converted without any special skill on the part of the person converting it and the work involved in converting it does not require equipment or tools other than such as are in common use by persons carrying out works of construction and maintenance in their own homes." (Section 1(6) Firearms Act 1982).

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