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So I'm at hms raleigh at the moment and found out the I have a ccj on my credit file! Will I get discharged for security reasons?? I have various other defaults which I declared at the afco but this seems a bit more major! Any advice on what to do before I go to the DI??

I discovered it when I checked my credit file.
And its from back in september they must of sent a letter or something to my old adress and I'm worried because as far as I'm aware I'm only on a sc waiver!


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Generally speaking, most people are aware they have a CCJ or are likely to get one, if you declared everything on your online application, then that's all that you can do.

At present about 50% of joiners are taken on risk & an SC waiver is granted because National Security Vetting (NSV) simply can no longer do the job it's meant to do within the prescribed timescales & the RN is very much 'small fry' in terms of customer volume.

Doubtless there will be others similarly placed - it's quite possible the NSV will still grant SC as it would otherwise flag their ineptitude. That said, if SC is withdrawn it will make you ineligible to continue to serve unfortunately. Just be honest, speak to your Divisional Staff & keep your fingers crossed.

If SC is not granted, you would have reasonable grounds to lodge an appeal through appropriate channels.
You definitely should speak to your DI about your situation. Remember, people who work in phase one do look at this website occasionally.

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