Major PC/XP problem - can anybody help please?

Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Chaz, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi there,

    Can anybody help me please with the following PC/XP problem.

    Yesterday evening something went funny on my PC and half of windows XP was missing! I thought I’d do a restore to a previous date and solve the problem however, on going to “System Restore†that was part of windows that was missing.

    I then decided to reinstall windows from CD thinking it would simply overwrite the windows I had installed on the system.

    This it did, however, everything else I had on there was not visible on my desktop etc, favourites on my IE7 were missing, my outlook express had to be set up again etc etc. All of my previous data/folders/files etc are still in my C drive sitting there looking at me.

    I know I can burn it all onto disk and then simply reformat my PC but I really don’t want to do this.

    Its almost as if theres one windows running within another one! (not sure if this is possible as I’m by no means a PC whizz!

    Is there a way I can somehow restore my PC to how it was before I resintalled windows yesterday (I’ve been to the restore option and the only date/time available is the one where I reinstalled windows yesterday evening.

    Any help/advice would be gratefully appreciated.

    I’m obviously not on my home PC at the mo but am work.

    Many many thanks in advance.

  2. Sorry mate, there is no way to restore everything.
    You SHOULD have a folder on your hard drive called something like c:\WINDOWS.OLD
    This is the folder with all of the information from your previous installation of Windoze in it. Photo's, music etc will all be somewhere in there too.
    As for settings, you're going to have to redo them all.
  3. Many thanks for replying,

    Its weird, I go into my C drive as it is now after reinstalling windows and all my old stuff is still there, its just not running and not reflected in "my docs" etc etc. Very frustrating too!
  4. Thats because none of the programs that you've installed previously, for example, are in your new registry, so your new windows installation doesn't see them :)
    Try going to the OLD Internet Explorer folder and running that one instead of the new one. Might work and you might be able to back up your favourites from it.
    Worth a try mate.
  5. Ok will give it a try later, is there a way of cutting and pasting my old programs into my new registry or is that not possible. Do excuse my ignorance on this one!
  6. For your data / Favorites try copying or moving them from the old location to the new one but if you have setup multiple accounts use the main admin one.

    With regards the registry, before you start hacking it, make sure you have a good copy stored elsewhere (backup).
  7. No, not really.
    The registry keys are made upon installation so you will have to re-install.
    As for your internet favourites etc, try renaming your CURRENT "My Documents" folder to something you will remember, and then moving your old one in its place.
  8. Ok many thanks for that, will give it a shot later today when I get home from work.
    Thanks again
  9. I've already installed it though so I take it its too late?

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