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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stirling2, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Labour MP Graham Allen said: "Sadly Sir John Major's attempt to rewrite history will only serve to remind us that, on his watch, there were countless Tory funding scandals in the 90s, including Neil Hamilton, Jonathan Aitken and Azil Nadir.

    "During his tenure donations were not all declared and foreign donations were commonplace. It took a Labour government to end those scandals and introduce legislation to bring greater transparency to party funding."

    So it took a Labour government to end those scandals did it?

    Shame they didn't apply to themselves, as we've been finding out.
  2. Grey John the man with a very selective memory, now that would make a fine epitaph for him.

  3. --------------
    The present 'Admiration' re-employ their bad boys after a couple of weeks or so and promote them to the European Commission on a higher pay scale in some cases :toilet:

    Did you notice K. Vaz telling us how bad the opposition has been??? Tell it to the Marines :threaten:

  4. And the twat fecked Edwina Currie, good God man what were you thinking!!
  5. Needs must NZB
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "How'd you like your eggs in the morning love?"

    "salmenella free you bitch" :dwarf:
  7. Yes, Norma must of had him on short rations.
  8. "As individuals, and not as members of the Government ?" Whose fcuking cap tallies were they wearing, Honest John ? A very poor excuse for starting and encouraging the corruption we have today. Methinks the Honourable Gentleman doth protesteth too much...............
  9. The Labour [nu-labour anyone] government re wrote the cash for parties
    rules to help stop 'bungs' etc and feck me they can't abide by them.
    Apart from that the wrongdoers /lawbreakers get referred to the ''commission '' instead of the police!!

    If they were acting as a party then maybe the police should jail the lot of them !!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  10. Admittedly Major probably should have actually looked at Edwina's face before bedding Currie, but other than Arms to Iraq, Cash for Questions and few dodgy cases of being caught with their pants down, they weren't half as bad at sleaze as the party that claimed to be "Whiter than White."

    Who had some dodgy cases of being caught with their pants down, sold peerages, rewrote the law on Party Donations and then broke them, sent us into an Illegal war, continued dodgy Arms sales, played Croquet when they should have been running the country, sent the forces down crap creek further and faster than anyone else, promised us a referendum on the European Constitution then gave away our laws to the Eurocrats anyway.

    Found £29 billion to fund a bank that their systems caused to collapse (instead of one single authority checking the banks, there were three, and none in absolute control, nice one Gord), lost Personal date on a criminally negligent scale, and didn't keep to their own "Golden Rules" on the economy by changing the goalposts. Instead of saving while the sun was shining, they spent and spent badly on PPI that will cause massive economic problems for years ahead.

    Major may have been at the helm during Black Wednesday (which would have happened under a Labour government anyway) and may have had many a dodgy bedding, but Christ they are sleaze amateurs compared to Labour.
  11. Well if I had a vote in the UK I may not know where it would go, except that it would be for the best man to get this shower out for once and for all!

    Not trying to introduce black felines here but when working in Monaco - yes the offshore business does get there - met a guy who told us that the boy Tony B had been his fag at Fettes College in Edinburgh,

    Might have been the biggest load of bollocks out but it was funny and the more you think of it the better it gets!
  12. Potential officer......Northan Rock caused thier own problems by chasing the dollar in the sub prime market and when they had thier fingers burned ran crying to BOE to bail them out.
    Also Black Wednesday could happen ANYTIME if currency speculaters smell blood.

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