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It's another one of those threads that just keeps on giving.

For the benefit of the OP, if it's not declared to your AFCO, it will be revealed when undergoing the security check within the last 12 months prior to entry. Undeclared police involvement or unspent criminal convictions constitutes a fraudulent application & is a permanent bar to entry.
Just before I joined up I went on a drunken spree, got into a few scuffles, broke a few windows and ended up in cells. Not bad for a 16 year old. I then joined and got taught how to do it properly.

Man the fcuk up and deal with it you fcukwit. Go speak with someone that cares, like the nice people with shiny buttons at the AFCO, you've been a cock, not the first time they'll have encounted a cock..... you're joining the Navy after all.