Major Help Needed!


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I'm hoping some one can help me..........

I'm currently applying for a loan, and they want my employers postcode.

Now what the hell should i put down for the navys post code, I've tried the BFPO postcode for the ship, but that isn't recognised as a real postcode.

So any help would be much appreciated!


Lantern Swinger
kinross_special said:
I always used to put the postcode for the base dockyard if really pushed.

There must be a reason that the ship's office can't help with this?
Lol there is, I'm in Newcastle and the ships office is in the Falklands!

Has any one got any idea where I can obtain an RN Rum Fanny for a Pickles night event? I am thinking I may need to get one made, so if anyone can help or knows where I can obtain a rum fanny or have one made please let me know

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