Maingate Observations


Lantern Swinger
Its quite funny sometimes when you think of the stuff you see whilst on Main gate Sentry Duty.

I recall, the bootneck biker at Seaton Barracks, screaming through the open barrier pulling a wheelie on a motorbike with the police chasing him.

The maingate at Warrior, where a car was stolen from a carpark 10 miles or so away, it belonged to one of the bootnecks within the detachment and it went flying past the main gate with the police in hot pursuit. Yes, they caught him and the police driver was a former Royal.

Even just watching the lads staggering back late at night like homing pidgeons, complete with kebab was funny.

And the chain drooped across Condor's maingate, where many peesed up bootnecks, fell flat on there faces when trying to do a runner from a taxi. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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