Mail: "Why Submariners Are Prone To That Stinking Feeling"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. Stinking bodies? Wuss! What about the diesel, fatty food smells et al? They combine to form a unique 'nuclear boat' smell, that gets everywhere. Once smelt, never forgotten!

    Febreze at the door - I don't think so! Bath and dhobs as soon as harbour station was finished - at least it got rid of the worst of it!

    PS - what a state those tiles were in - bad maintenance in harbour!!
  2. Upset the Chefs at your peril!

    The food is "school dinner quality". ??????
    If someone didn't crack one off into his
    plate of morning scramblers or better still,
    give the authors first cup of tea a quick stir
    with an unwashed knob....then they f***ing
    well should have.

    That is unless submariner chefs are all f***ing useless these days.

    I hope they're just as proficient as them that fed me.

    No complaints.
  3. Fishing are we? :)
  4. What a ******** ! Two weeks on a boat and he's suddenly an expert ? Wonder what he would make of two weeks on an old A boat, snorting in the Channel off Portland doing target boat.
    As for the comments about the cooking, words almost fail me: some of the best grub I had in the Pusser was on boats - in a galley my ex dinner lady Mum winced at when she was told how many meals they knocked out 3 times a day for weeks on end. Definitely won't be on my books to read list.
  5. Anyone else wondering why the model who is dressed as an hocifer is sucking the snot out the the female model? Is this a tradition that the author noticed during his two weeks?

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