Mail: "UK Sent 'Children' To Iraq And Afghanistan Despite Government Ban"

Another non-story by the Mail - what are they thinking? When are we going to see a headline along the lines of "Daily Mail in shock unveiling of a real news story"?
I think what actually happened is that they were perhaps a few days short of their eighteenth birthdays, and in order to ensure that the battalion/regiment arrived together to do RSOI at Bastion, they were flown out. They wouldnt have had a chance of getting into a contact/being blown up for the first two weeks of their tour as they would have been in Bastion acclimatising. What a load of bull! But hey, it is the mail...
It's interesting how the media refer to under 18s and under 21s. It seems to depend very much on what they ahve done.

A 17 year old female who suffers violence is a schoolgirl. The same 17 year old is a teenager if she does anything marginally wrong in the eyes of the law and a youth if the misdemeanour is any more serious. Child for under 18 seems to be a good one for those under 18 serving in the military or the victim of gang crime. Of course if a 17 year old child is killed by a 17 year old youth you know its gang crime.

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