Mail: U.S. Wants A Carrier On The Thames During Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. What else would they like?

    Cheeky sods. Although I guess the Daily Snail probably embellished it a bit for the 'Ragebus' effect
  2. ''The carrier could allow US Special Forces to evacuate US citizens'' Really from what? I for one would not be happy in a time of crises if septics forces were allowed to run around the streets of London shooting from the hips and generally being American.
  3. Are the CIA and Mossad part of our security services now?
  4. Nothing like having a bomb magnet nearby, is there?
  5. Mossad would certainly have an interesting impact on local troublemakers :p
  6. For all the posturing from No10 I expect our government will just do as it always does when the Yanks say jump.
  7. Funny how we moan about how the politicos and papers twist facts, listen to you lot.

    The US OFFERED and it was to be moored in the ESTUARY.....which goes out miles away from London.......jeez

    Bloody whingers
  8. I must admit, I can't see a problem with it - it's not as if they are asking UK plc to actually pay for it!
  9. I think the major embarrassment would be from the fact that the assault ship carries a bigger air wing than anything we could field including Harriers that the powers-that-be have decided are no longer of any use.
  10. Psst. It isn't us that has the O2 thief tag mate!!! :D :roll:
  11. I'll be there at the Olympics with RN on the Thames unlucky Yanks
  12. There you go a little communication would have gone a long way, with you there Tommo there's no need to worry... :p
  13. Aye being the fleet rating I'll sort any probs out.
  14. You a good runner then!!
  15. What event are you competing in then, Tommo ? :wink:
  16. All of them :D
  17. Womens vollyball should be good then ! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  18. Damn right I'll smash all the contestants :D
  19. I'll take my video camera along... :D :D :D

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