Mail: "The Return Of Britain's 'Top Guns': Royal Navy Recommissions Training Squadron

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, May 6, 2014.

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    "Britain's Royal Navy has quietly recommissioned a fighter squadron to train the next generation of ‘Top Gun’ aviators who will eventually fly from the decks of its giant new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.

    736 Naval Air Squadron has been back in business for almost a year. It was formed from a civilian-run operation used to help train navy ships how to defend themselves from air attacks and flies ageing but nimble Hawk T1 aircraft – the same jets flown by the RAF’s famous Red Arrows display team."

    Royal Navy 736 Naval Air Squadron will fly from the new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers | Mail Online
  2. 736 will fly from the Carriers? Yeah, good luck with that.
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  4. Really......?
  5. Which part? the fact that we've had to rob FRADU just so we can say RN FW lives or The Mail thinking we're going to be flying Hawks from the QE?
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  6. Hawks and QE!

  7. Great innit? The Mail rules.

    I know most of the 736 Pilots and whilst some of them have proven to have pretty big gonads in the past, I doubt that even with the promise of another Oslo cocktail party circa 2009, they'd fancy putting a Hawk down on 920ft of deck.
  8. Pussies. Pilots; I shit em.
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  9. Shit a few more, and shit my relief!!
  10. They won't even use the subsidiaries at Culdrose and they've got a whole 3500ft to play with there. Fags.
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  11. It's a Daily Mail article famous for inaccuracy
  12. US Top Gun fighter pilot academy inspired by RN flyers

    To be fair, the article says that aviators training with 736 NAS will fly from QE's deck (and certainly not the Hawks they are using to keep their hand in).

    The reference to 'Top Guns' is interesting because the FAA helped establish the US Naval Air Warfare Academy at Miramar:
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