Mail: "The Maternity Military: How Nearly 100 Female Soldiers Have Been Sent Home"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. And this is a problem because.....?
  2. Jesus ****ing Christ, why link this shite? It's another idiot Mail article pandering to the ill-informed moron that is their online community:

    "Surely should be a disciplinary."

    "So much for putting women in or near the front line! Still, it's a lot better than what happens in the US military, where the battle is against service members raping and sexually abusing new recruits."

    "Do not waste taxpayers money on training if the person is not going to be able to carry out their duties."

    "Taking the easy way out of the front line. It does a disservice to the women who take precautions and stay and do the job they said they wanted to do."

    Make threads about things that matter, not this pointless, sensationalist bullshit.

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  3. When I used to see someone with a copy of the Mail, I used to just look away, but I can't hold it in anymore. I loudly ask them what they're doing with it and how they justify supporting such shit. I don't know what makes me sicker, their nod-and-a-wink approval of children as sex objects, or their endless desire to blame women for getting cancer.
  4. Christ! calm down, its a newspaper and as with sols link, you don't have to read it, I'd suggest a disdainful glance rather than verbal abuse, and if you shout at buses, stop that as well
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  5. 99 in 7 years, wowza. Pretty sure more people at my school got up the duff in year 11 than that...
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  6. Correct sharkey, completely agree.
  7. Everyone chooses to draw the line somewhere. Where do you draw yours? What do you find unacceptable enough that you have to say something? For me, it's the advocation of children as sex objects. If you're cool with that, I applaud your dedication to free speech.
  8. Sadly we don't have free speech in this country anymore, what I would advocate is freedom of choice (as long as its legal)
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  9. I like the Daily mail, it's almost as funny as the sunday Sport used to be.
  10. Why shoot the messenger? Clues to what the great unwashed are being fed is useful. yes, it's bollox but maybe it's better to know the story than not.
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  11. The only time that this should cause outrage is whether the conception can be proven without doubt that it happened in theatre. Then whatever summary punishments need to be made, should happen - bollocks to what the media think on that issue, if conception happens out of theatre - shit happens.
  12. Or just get over the fact people have sex, regardless of the punishment that they may face.
  13. Nope, I'm afraid you've lost me there - care to elucidate?
  14. Run them. Run them hard!

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