Mail: "Terror, not war, is our real priority"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. When is this pain going to end................?
  2. The most painful aspect of this whole SDSR process has been the fact that so many people on this site have persisted in treating the inane witterings of "journo hacks" from the Daily Wail, Sun, Mirror and their ilk as being worthy of reading and comment.

    My mother-in-law reads the Mail and every time I see her we get a version of British Society that is so different from my perceived reality as to be almost excruciating.

    These rags are not newspapers, they do not proffer considered reports backed by facts and considered review so let's stop pretending that their outpourings are anything other than a waste of ink and paper.

    The fact that sometimes they may "get it right" is a function of probability theory not professional journalism!
  3. Yeah granted and i'm grateful for Sol and other's posting the latest news links.
    it's just that there are so many jobs on the line for people it's just a tough time.
  4. Broadside

    I see your point and have taken it on board.

    This is purely my personal point of view, but, for me, the value in knowing what is being written about the RN in tabloids such as the Mail and the Sun is in knowing what is being disseminated to the British public, even if it is patently clear that what is being written is untrue.

    From my perspective, it is important to know what is being promulgated via these particular vectors, as it is through these methods that the public are being reached; if they are being reached with inaccurate information, it is as important to know that as it is to know when the correct information is being offered, even if only for the benefit of RN PR.

    In the case of the Sun and the Mail, the value is in knowing what is being said to some five and a half million members of the British public. The Sun is the UK's top selling newspaper bar none - 3 million copies a day - and extra readers on top of that, when a paper is shared. The second most popular is the Mail - 2.3 million copies a day. Bear in mind that for many of their readers, what they read about the RN in those pages is probably the only RN related content to which they have access and if this is the case, it should be a matter of interest, not to say concern, to us.

    I, personally, make a point of looking for articles from a vast range; I make a particular effort to source articles from across the political spectrum, from the media in its various forms and on both a national and regional basis.

    It is actually difficult to find a newspaper which offers content on the RN and Defence in general which meets universal approval. I know that the Telegraph, from which quite a few articles have been garnered, can itself be criticised. I would be interested to know which of the UK's papers you think, personally, reports best on the RN and Defence in general.

    As I said, this is just my personal perspective, offered for your consideration and not meant to be belligerent or in any way critical.
  5. Sol, I wasn't being critical of you and I agree entirely that it is important to know what is being said and by whom, I was just bemoaning the fact that these rags purport to be purveyors of "news" and they are just gossip columns with no professional journalistic merit whatsoever (as far as I can see). They try to wind people up and (guilty as charged) it works but I still feel it worthy of a drip.
  6. Sol, I personally feel the Times gives the overall best perspective of the modern RN. The reporting is of a good standard. However with all reporting it can sometimes be wide of the mark in terms of being accurate. But maybe this is due to the amount of research done by an overall majority of ex pongo officers. Maybe the RN should offer its RNR media types to write articals for the miss informed newspapers.
  7. Totally agree 100%

    The trouble with the press is that they always let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    Guess we will get a hint of the truth today and find out some more tomorrow.
    Here's keeping our fingers crossed that we haven't been shafted too hard.
  8. It's OK, I didn't take it as critical of me.

    Also worthy of a drip .........

    The fact that when the journalists are told about things which need revising, they just don't bother.

    The Telegraph was told that its recent graphic on Armed Forces hardware, tanks, ships etc had completely ignored the existence of the FAA. They made no changes at all. V disappointed.

    One I didn't try to correct was the one about a lad spending four days on the "Nuclear Submarine" "HMS Sultan", but only because I couldn't stop laughing long enough to make the phone call.
  9. I agree that the Times offers a good standard of reporting on the RN.

    My only problem is that its website has now gone behind a paywall, which means that offering a link to any of its articles could be difficult.
  10. This is a shame with regards to the times website now a subscription only site. However one can always buy the paper from a shop. But I do thank you Sol for posting such links on this site. Does your line of work bring you close to the reporters and their stories? Dan
  11. Not at the moment, but I used to work for a major broadsheet newspaper and still know my way around.
  12. The Times is OK but you should always remember who owns it Rupert Murdoch who has and will use it to promote his own agenda along with his Sun,News of the World, Sky news.
    I don't usually read the financial press but I would think you may find some untainted reporting there,money don't lie so they say unless of course your a banker. :roll:
  13. Keep up the good works saves me having to buy all the other newspapers and helps lifting the 'Rant Vv' periodically (no pun intended)
  14. Yup I'll second that :lol:
  15. Unfortunately I have to agree with the headline.
    We should not be fighting a war in Afghanistan, withdraw our troops and then use them to enforce our security.
    We are no longer the world power we used to be, we are no longer deriving much of our wealth from the empire, in fact the old empire is as much a drain a on our wealth as the benefit claimants.
  16. That Mrs May who is filling the role of Home Secretary was on the news this morning, trotting out the same old shite that our Armed Forces are in Afghanistan in order to keep our streets safe at home.

    The Condemns did not take the golden opportunity to get our troops out of there without losing face, when they took power.
  17. I suspect Uncle Sam played quite a role in the new Government not upsetting the troop deployment applecart in Afghanistan but I can't help wishing they had been gutsy enough to say "we've done our bit, it hasn't got any better, doesn't look like getting any better and we don't want to do any more"

    Personal opinion, despite the political implications which I am unsighted but not totally uninformed on.

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