Mail: "Tensions Growing Off Gibraltar After RN Confronts Spanish Warship"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Tsk, another game of bowls about to be disrupted...
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  2. Used to happen all the time in the late 70's when Smokey Joe used to chugg up the coast just off the harbour ... only then you could see/hear the thing coming for half an hour before it tipped up!

    You wait ... wont be long before the Kitchner bitch uses it as en excuse to come up with the "Imperial Colonialism" word again! ... but hang on ... didn't Spain Colonise South America??????????
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  3. The Spanish trying to put on their brave boots again, they have no chance half of our population are in Spain right now getting shitfaced
  4. Just before the Falklands conflict kicked off Spain were making loud noises aboot taking Gib back, when the task force finished the job they STFU.
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  5. The Spaniels always conveniently 'forget' their outposts on mainland Morrocco - Cueta and Melilla and the (Solely military) islands off the Morroccan coast where they keep a gaggle of Spanish Foreign Legion, the Parsley Islands (Las Islas Perejil).

    Pah, Dago hypocrisy!
  6. Let em have it got no time for the local population of the rock two faced money grabbing, and a lot more besides. They do not like the Brits, and they definitely aren't proud to be British (like the money though)
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  7. What a load of bollards you spout!
    We live a couple of hours from Gib - you may have seen it for a couple of hours as a pissed up Jack. Last year there was more red, white and blue bunting on the Rock than you could shake a stick at. (Royal Wedding? Diamond Jubilee?) They DO like the Brits and they DO NOT like the Spaniels.
  8. Sorry Sonar Bender I have served there lived there worked there and I know the locals far better than most red and white bunting is for show
  9. I'm with Og1n on this one.

    Hand the place back. Free up some government wonga.

    What have we got in the Med anyway! We will still have passage through the straights so what do we lose! Another bit of naval history :sleepy2:
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  10. "Lloyd's of London"? .... cough ....

  11. Read Tarifa Traffic
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Typical Daily Mail reporting. Tensions growing? What, battle ensigns being dusted off, live rounds prep'd, Ambassadors recalled?

    Or Tornado's navs incurs the old man's wrath for making an arrse of the passage planning?
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  13. Meanwhile back at the ranch Tonto disguised as a door gets his knob shot off Tension mounts and f*cks off
  14. I have never heared so much crap spouted in my life.The people of Gibraltar the real gibratarians want to stay as they are .Do you realy know them or just gobbing off ??????????
  15. Yes I do know them and the real Gibraltearians live in San Roque
  16. Sorry chap, can't quite connect the two
  17. In December leaving Gibraltar we were told to face Starboard and salute the Spanish Ship Mango Tango.

    48 hours later we arrived in the uk and according to the papers we'd chased them off!

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  18. Sorry flymo Tarifa Traffic control all shipping that pass through the straites. Shipping have to by law report to Tarifa CH 16 as the they approach the straites , so Lloyd's of London have no role, other than monitoring on CH 14, shipping do not have to call on this channel unless they feel like a chat, It has been this way for a number of years.

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